#Asia HelloWings: The First Ever Cross-Budget Airlines Visualized Comparator


HelloWings shares with us what makes their product traveller and budget friendly, and why folks like Tony Fernandez, CEO of AirAsia Group, are astounded with what HelloWings has accomplished.


When Tony Fernandez, CEO of AirAsia Group looked at our product and exclaimed “This is awesome!” we were tremendously excited. That same excitement reappeared once more when we won Taiwan’s TOP100 Echelon Asia qualifiers; now, the honour to present HelloWings to the rest of Asia in a sophisticated stage such as Singapore is beyond a few words of thanks.

But what is HelloWings all about? To answer this question, our team has carefully designed and updated its product in the original effort to help more travellers save money on their trips without compromising their energy to search.

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Transportation is often the part of a travel plan that requires extensive planning with a higher budget. It’s also an interesting behaviour that most travellers consider an unfriendly flight comparison engine a norm. Most travellers put up with the hassle of flight search to either just pay the higher difference to book from each airline’s official website, or in the so called money-saving method, to search sites after sites until their eyeballs fall out for perhaps a 3-5 percent saving.

This was the dilemma that triggered our co-founders to build their own solution. Being a team of backpackers with footprints all over the world, Outland Crew believes that there should be a better system of comparison out there to help travellers save money, in a simpler way. So we put our computer science expertise to work to construct a different flight search engine that searches, compares, and books all in one place. Because of this we’ve come up with the HelloWings’ Series, featuring the HelloWings Budget and the upcoming HelloWings LongHaul.


While most flight search engines require a date and gives a calendar or grid view, travellers don’t instinctually pick this up. Being able to provide 365-Day, instant quotes, tax-inclusive price charts and SmartCombination for different airline transfers, HelloWings Budget clearly stands out from its competitors. With ticket prices 20-30% cheaper than the current flight search websites such as Skyscanner or Kayak, HelloWings Budget hopes to become travellers’ new wings into the air, attempting to make travel accessible and convenient for everyone.

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As for HelloWings LongHaul, it takes the full advantage of budget airlines with full service airline’s longer flights to let our travellers reach every corner of the world with comfort. The SmartCombination feature is known to create a flight ticket transferring between different budget airlines. With LongHaul coming soon, SmartCombination will be able to craft a ticket that swaps out the short segment flight for a great portion of discount.

Flying forward

HelloWings and Outland are working toward becoming eligible to issue tickets for our customers so that travellers not only can search then compare, but also book their tickets on the spot. As for international markets expansion, Singapore is set to be the first stop. As Mark Hu, the CEO of Outland reminds us, “The perfect trip starts from the cheapest dates.” See you soon, Singapore!

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