#Asia Here’s a list of women-centered websites in Indonesia


Photo credit: Tech in Asia Indonesia.

Photo credit: Tech in Asia Indonesia.

Too often, traditional media like TV and established websites give out harmful information to women, especially if you live in Indonesia.

Exhibit A:
This Indonesian article that talks about women having to smile all the time to attract men.

Exhibit B:
This Indonesian TV segment that pits two women against each other.

A lot of them treat women as a commodity to be marketed, rather than as fully-formed people who have specific information needs.

Luckily, various alternative websites provide information that’s actually useful to women. Tech in Asia has gathered a list of women-centered pages to help you navigate through all the patriarchy. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:

Female Daily

Photo credit: Female Daily.

Photo credit: Female Daily.

This makeup hub aims to be a welcoming beauty hub for women. Female Daily is a one-stop shop for reviews and video tutorials about hair, makeup, skincare, and nails.

Founded by current CEO Hanifa Ambadar, Female Daily also gives out shopping codes and special promotions for shoppers around Indonesia.


Photo credit: Bridestory.

Photo credit: Bridestory.

This website is for brides-to-be. If you’re looking for wedding venues and vendors. Bridestory is a marketplace for wedding vendors with plenty of insightful articles regarding relationship advice.

You can adjust vendors based on budget and look for wedding inspiration from their articles.

Co-founded by CEO Kevin Mintaraga and CTO Doni Hanafi, Bridestory has a premium feel with beautiful aesthetics. The website’s marketplace is available in Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore.


Photo credit: Magdalene.

Photo credit: Magdalene.

Feminists! Direct all your thoughts and issues with the status quo to this website. Dubbed a slanted guide for women’s issues, Magdalene is a platform for you to learn about the rocky road to being a nonconformist in Indonesia.

Aimed at open-minded discussions on progress, Magdalene raises voices of the oppressed: articles on this site usually go beyond limits of gender and cultural differences.

You can find controversial topics such as women’s empowerment, religious freedom, queer culture, bullying, healing from sexual assault, and mental health awareness.


Photo credit: Hijabpedia.

Photo credit: Hijabpedia.

This website takes another angle of women’s empowerment: wearing the hijab. It’s appreciated for women in Indonesia to practice their religious freedom by wearing headscarves.

Hijapedia has articles that suit hijabis, regardless of age or relationship status.

Apart from having an online store for hijabs, this website also has a forum for its members to discuss topics relating to Islam, such as education and choosing the perfect hijab for your face shape.

The Bride Dept

Photo credit:The Bride Dept

Photo credit:The Bride Dept.

Founded by seasoned beauty industry professional Putri Arinda and former Traveloka employee Friska Ruslim, The Bride Dept aims to compete with Bridestory in providing wedding-related information.

The website also offers inspirational stories and tips for engaged couples and newlyweds. Its features, such as Meet the Expert and Behind the Scene, introduce wedding planners, gown designers, catering vendors, pre-wedding photographers, and other vendors along with their offered concepts as reference to readers.

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