#Asia Hilarious game lets you be a Go-Jek driver for a day



Who hasn’t heard about Indonesia’s on-demand motorcycle apps? “Uber for two-wheelers” is a uniquely Indonesian phenomenon. You book a ride through the app, a motorcycle rider appears at your door, and you hop on the back. Go-Jek was the first startup to offer this service.

Getting onto a stranger’s motorbike may sound like an insane idea to western minds, but it works well in Indonesia where motorcycle taxis are a common form of transportation.

If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to hitch a ride with Go-Jek, without actually experiencing the sweat, noise, smell, and adrenaline rush that comes with braving the infamous Jakarta traffic, you can play this funny new game called Go-Jack.

Dodging trucks and Bajajs

In this “endless runner” game, you’re tasked with dropping off a passenger at their destination. On the way, you’ll encounter many challenges. Cars are blocking your way, reckless trucks changing lanes as they please, and other motorcycle taxi drives are just waiting for you to make a mistake.

If you hit one of these obstacles, your gas supply, which is already continuously diminishing, will decrease significantly until you run out.

The game requires agile maneuvering, but to excel at Go-Jack you also need to come up with a strategy and priorities. To refuel, you have to pay with coins you receive from passengers. On the other hand, the more coins you save until the end of the game, the more reward points you get.

Great sound effects

The funniest part about the game are its sound effects – they are all created by human voices. So instead of using a real motorcycle sound, a bike on Go-Jack sounds a bit like a monotonous “nengenengengeng.” The same goes for when you crash into something. All sound effects are unique and hilarious. The game’s visuals are simple but you can tell a lot of care went into details. You’ll encounter typically Indonesian vehicles, like Bajajs and Metro Mini buses on the road.

Go-Jack is not an official game released by Go-Jek. It was created by a local digital media company called Amplified. The firm has created a number of mobile and web apps, among others BDB audio news, an app that reads daily news out loud with human voices.

This article originally appeared in Indonesian, written by Arya W. Wibowo. Information for this story was translated and modified.

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