#Asia How Mediapreneur is making winners out of their startups


If you have an innovative idea and want a structured programme to take it from ideation to fruition, look no further than Mediapreneur.


At Mediapreneur, startups receive seed funding and mentorship from a network of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and technologists. They get to work with the businesses in Mediacorp and have access to a vast library of news and entertainment content. And they get to work in the brand new Mediacorp Campus in Mediapolis, Singapore’s media hub.

Mediapreneur startups Spotted and Infini Videos have ‘graduated’ from the programme and secured commercial deals with businesses. Here’s your chance to meet with Mediapreneur’s 11 startups and find out how the programme can work for you!

“Our raison d’etre is all about turning startups into successful technology businesses. No startup is too early or late to join Mediapreneur – if you think you have the next big idea, have a chat with us and let us help you realise your dream!” – Guillaume Sachet, Mediacorp Head of Strategic Planning

To find out more about Mediapreneur, visit them at Mediapreneur’s booth at Echelon (BR18) and have a chat with their promising upstarts! Here are their startups:


DingGo is a last-minute yield management engine for merchants to push out real-time deals to attract and convert nearby users into customers. DingGo is designed to solve one of the biggest problems faced by merchants in modern cities today – having empty seats or spare capacity and inventory, even during peak hours. At the same time, DingGo helps those with highly dynamic schedules who can ill-afford to plan daily meals, to still be able to enjoy great-value meal offers.

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Currently, DingGo offers a mobile application that allows merchants to push out real-time deals to nearby users, through a unique last-minute yield management engine that aggregates various factors such as users’ preferences and distance-discount elasticity. Beyond mobile, DingGo also aims to tap into other digital platforms, from digital screens in malls and bus stops, to social media accounts and even instant messaging. This allows merchants more flexibility and reach to get their message to potential customers. While starting out in the F&B space, DingGo has also made plans to quickly moving into other verticals like fashion, entertainment and also hospitality in the future.


The eOasia team strongly believes that a big part of living comes from the departure into unknown lands. At the heart of their company lies a group of travel enthusiasts, eager to share the knowledge they’ve acquired from their trips in hopes that you’ll embark on these life-changing experiences too. Their online booking platform caters to all your travel needs around Asia. Search for a variety of tours, activities and transportation services, all tried and tested first-hand by their passionate travel team based in different Asian countries. Users can be rest assured that if a deal is up, eOasia has done it and they want you to try it out as well.

Infini Videos

Infini Videos is a B2B online technology platform for the creation and delivery of HTML5 interactive videos. Infini Videos makes it easy for businesses to create engaging interactive videos as well as to access the rich data analytics offered on the platform. The company currently offers branching aka “Choose-your-own-adventure” and 360-degree types of interactivity. In addition to the technology platform, the company also provides specialized creative services as a one-stop solution for clients.


Mentorica offers an innovative suite of disruptive apps targeting the high-touch retailer, with the overarching goal of increasing customer conversion rate. For a fraction of competitors’ legacy systems cost, their apps — data acquisition, e-Commerce, visualization, retail data analytics — enable a new business model and deliver an unfair competitive advantage. Their turnkey solution, from software to hardware, from offline to online, allows a retailer to understand the customer’s perspective across every touchpoint — information the retailer can monetize and use to improve topline growth.

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Mooder is the social network that connects the world’s emotions. It provides users with a permissible context to verbalize their feelings. For the emotionally sensitive, Mooder offers a viable avenue to express empathy to others. For the emotionally introverted Mooder serves as an indirect way to tell others how they feel. For all users, Mooder is a place to gain emotional intelligence as they learn about the emotional journeys of their friends, loved ones and even of themselves. In a nutshell, Mooder is an outlet to rant, to practice mindfulness, to appreciate, to reflect, to learn and much more!


Vanquish your hunger with Nomster, the mobile app that celebrates the marriage between gaming and food discovery. Nomster rewards users as they engage themselves with the application; allowing players to indulge in their fruits of their labour when using credits they earn in playing the mini games to exchange for real-life food discounts and deals. We humans live to eat, but Nomster lives to discover.


Popsical is building the future of Karaoke through beautifully designed hardware and software. Just plug Popsical into your TV, connected it to the internet and stream from our library of thousands of songs in 7 different languages. Popsical ships in September and will be open for pre-orders in the near future.


Spotted! gamifies mobile advertisements by turning passive, flat adverts into a time-based puzzle game. Through gamification, Spotted! solves 3 key problems every mobile advertisers face – Low Attention, Lack of Engagement & Minimal Conversion. Users earn cash by playing and solving the puzzle, while advertisers benefit from increased content retention, brand awareness and increased conversion. Since its launch in Dec 2015, Spotted has delivered over 325,000 advertisements to more than 6,000 players whom devoted over 4,600 hours of gameplay time.


Talentora is on a mission to connect masses of talented people in Asia through a mobile app. It allows the creation of a large connected and profiled community. Users will be able to share their talent through 10-second creative videos, discover other users as well as engage in conversation. In addition, talent-seekers can offer jobs and talents can apply for those jobs in the areas of film, print, music, tv, theatre, radio and events. Talentora strives to become a large mobile video and talent platform in Asia.


If Google is the entrance of all websites, then Tuitui is the entrance of all shopping mall promotions & events information. Shopping malls can publish exclusive or normal promotion information on Tuitui freely, and Tuitui will detect correct potential consumers and the push that information to the consumers. Besides push notifications, consumers can also actively search for all shopping mall promotions and events information on Tuitui. With Tuitui, consumers won’t need to install mobile apps for each shopping mall they visit, and shopping malls won’t need to spend a lot of money to develop an in-house mobile app.


Voice2Choice (Singapore) is a deep technology company (tech startup) with a unique product in the field of Voice Synthesis and Personalization. They are essentially creating new voices. The voices are synthetic voices (created with a computer) but sound like a natural human voice. They empower a semi-professional audio user (business or casual) with a choice of voiceovers, which are automatically created on a computer without the need of a recording studio.

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Their technology solution is aimed to bring a new approach in the field of voice transformation for the gaming industry, movie dubbing and post production studios as well as for the social & media entertainment areas (e.g. mobile apps). They provide an ease of creating new voices as per their customers unique needs. The current substitutes are voiceover artists who are both rare and expensive. They aim to give semi-professional or casual users the ability to work with different voices on a computer without the need to book expensive artists or studios.

Want to learn more about Mediapreneur? Get your Last Minute Tickets here and meet them at Echelon Asia Summit 2016!

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