#Asia How the digital age is rewiring how we date


The first step of our love lives now begins on an app


In the not-so-distant past, meeting your future ex-spouse meant that you first had to hit pause on your “Friends” binge-watching session and get your butt off the couch to go to a physical place.

If you did not belong to a community or had no friends; you had to muster the courage to hit the pub to search for a match. For many guys, we have had to make awkward attempts at small talk while downing glasses of bourbon to mask our insecurity and calm our frayed nerves (not to mention, struggle to recall stand-up jokes and pick up lines)

Yes, it’s a tough job — which is why professional dating agencies exist — but the evolution of digital platforms have disrupted the way we approach our love lives.

Now, you can continue your binge watching session, while simultaneously checking out prospective dates and chatting with others at the same time. With apps such as Tinder, Paktor, and Okcupid – building a rapport with someone before you even meet him or her has never been easier.

The infographic below displays the comparison between offline and online dating.

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