#Asia How three Pakistani startup Founders are preparing for 5G


Sometimes disruption comes from a simple infrastructure updgrade. So, what impact will the eventual implementation of 5G have in Pakistan?

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When ultra-fast 5G mobile broadband capabilities roll out in 2020, it could create a wave of innovation that disrupts every industry.

I reached out to growth leaders at some of Pakistan’s hottest start-ups to learn how they think 5G will impact their industry and how they plan to adapt for faster broadband.

The edited excerpts are below:

Sahr Said, Co-Founder & CEO of BeautyHooked.com

The local beauty industry is currently largely dependent on word of mouth, and the reason for that is salons have minimal online presence, with no way to search or find them.

The shift to online is slow based on many factors. One of the largest being the inability to access ultra fast internet all the time, especially at the point of work. This prevents [salons] from going high tech and promoting themselves in real time.

With the coming of the ultra fast 5G mobile broadband, it is expected that a huge shift will be witnessed not only in the marketing efforts done by salons to promote themselves, but also in the way their staff promotes themselves and their work.

With 5G mobile broadband, the industry will be known by the silent technicians that made the salon brands what they are.

For example, I was at Arammish last week and one of the staff members doing my pedicure asked permission to take a picture and put it up on Instagram.

She had a personal Instagram account with over 2,000 followers and told me that she had decided to put extra money aside from her salary to pay for faster mobile broadband so that she can promote herself more.

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Faisal Sheikh, Co-Founder & COO of MyCart.pk

2020 is 4 years away and I believe today the consumers have outpaced the technological developments. The thought process is beyond business-led disruption.

The consumers will become more demanding and the super-fast 5G mobile connectivity will ensure the businesses that meet the demands of consumer will survive. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not aware of the changes in consumer behavior and will self-destruct soon enough.

We have to gear ourselves to be able to offer services beyond the customers’ expectations, anything else will not cut it.

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Danish Ayub, Founder & CEO of  MWM Studioz

To name a few, the publishing, music and gaming industries were disrupted due to 3G and 4G.

[The upgrade] enabled individuals and communities to create and share user-generated content on social-media platforms.

Unless they invest in agility, we can expect the news media to become obsolete by then.

We are yet to reach a stage of a smart city in Pakistan, but location-based apps such as oBeeble will benefit from the high levels of reliability offered by 5G networks.

If your competition is investing in 5G and your employer is not, resign before the ship sinks.

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