#Asia In Photos: At Google Indonesia, an old man runs a food stall and a robot gets ready for Ramadan


There are startup offices, then there is the Google office

Google 9
Recently e27 is being blessed with the opportunity to visit Google Indonesia office.

The Google Indonesia office is relatively small compared to in other markets, and it houses mostly sales and marketing-related departments. But Google has always been known for its fun and aesthetically pleasing offices, so our curiosity was triggered.

The office is located at the topmost floor of a building in South Jakarta area. Once we arrived there, we were greeted by the sight of receptionist desk with Google logo behind it. A friendly security guy helped ushered us in, where we registered at an automated ‘guest book’ machine.

One of the first things we noticed was a huge screen displaying trending Google searches.

Google 11

We see what you’re searching there …

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After a moment in the waiting room (which showed the fantastic view of Jakarta’s skyline), we were led to a staircase that took us to an area with rows of cave-like spaces with chairs and tables inside.

These are the meeting areas.

“In Google, we put emphasis on collaboration, which is why we provide many open spaces for meetings,” Google Indonesia Head of Corporate Communications Jason Tedjasukmana.

A typical meeting spot

A typical meeting spot

The 'caves'

The ‘caves’

Google 2


But the highlight is definitely the sleeping room, which the employees use to … Well, sleep.

According to Tedjasukmana, there is absolutely no rule on how and when to use this room. Any employee who feels sleepy can just drop in and start snoozing.

“But lately, we’ve been using the room to have meetings as well. Once I walked inside, and whoa, people are sitting here doing meetings,” he explained.

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If you are a foodie — or just plain hungry – then the dining room is what you are looking for.

We walk across the hallway to a door that says Warung Mbah Google (“Grandpa Google’s Food Stall”), taken after the Indonesian slang “Ask Grandpa Google” which simply means “Google it.”

Not your ordinary 'warung'

Not your ordinary ‘warung’

As it is already widely known, Google provides full catering for all its employees.Google 6

We went through another staircase that leads to the recreation room, where a giant TV screen with games and different kinds of sports equipment were stored.

Sit to start browsing on the Internet

Sit to start browsing on the Internet

In many corners of the office, we found life-sized Android Robot statue.

Google 7

This guy is ready for Ramadan

“We also have the Ramadan special edition one, wearing peci (some kind of a hat Muslim men wear to the religious events) and the like,” said Tedjasukmana.

The Android was not the only mascot that adorns the office.

We see you there, PSY. We see you there

Let’s play a game called “Where is PSY”

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