#Asia In Photos: From iflix to REV Asia to iCar, take a tour of the Catcha Group offices


Whether it is movies, digital media, or automobile portals, Catcha Group has quite the portfolio. Take a tour of where they work

Catcha Group is one of Southeast Asia’s most well-known internet brands. With properties like iflix, iProperty and iCar Asia, Catcha has built a who’s who of Malaysia’s startup ecosystem.

As might be expected, employees of these companies enjoy startup-friendly workplaces — from open-air design to graffiti decorated hallways.

“Cool” is the descriptor that stands out to me, but let’s take a tour and you can decide for yourself.

Catcha Group

Let’s start with headquarters. The main lounge features an exposed ceiling and oriented sandboard shelves, the aesthetic is reminiscent of the Brooklyn-style office popularised in the US by Facebook. That old typewriter is pretty neat and the sexy bike adds to the 1950s appeal.

The comic-book-noir vibe continues into the break room. With the big board in the background and an urban spotlight for decoration, it is not hard to imagine this as one of the meeting rooms for Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson.

If the Peter Parker reference wasn’t enough, the waiting room screams “New York City”. The bench could be from any Cobble hill street. The images themselves portray the world’s global hubs, but whether it is the picture of Manhattan or just the general aesthetic, the room feels ‘Big Apple’.

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How cool is that floor!? Talk about walking out of the elevator and immediately knowing this is a media company. Displays of iflix’s premiere content helps visitors get an idea of what shows the company offers and logo shining out of the entrance looks pretty badass.

Like many startups, iflix deploys an open-air office. While the workplace is standard across the industry, the designs on the wall are definitely the consequence of the creative industry.

Ok, so this is a fairly standard meeting room (albeit with the clever design choice of including various titles on the wall). But, the point of sharing this is to pinpoint a favourite show. My vote? Gone in 60 seconds. (I will die on that sword).

Rev Asia

Rev Asia is a digital media group that is making waves across Malaysia. The company uses social media marketing, content and its portfolio of brands to build next-level marketing campaigns. With this in mind, it makes this “draw on the glass” meeting room pretty epic for brainstorming.

Mark Zuckerberg likes to highlight the fact that his meeting rooms are all transparent — with the idea being that even the most junior associate can see who is meeting the big boss. Rev Asia has followed this ethos, building glass quiet rooms in the middle of the main working area.

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And when the day is over, this bar area is pretty tough to beat. Note to readers: Highly unlikely those bottles are actually juice.


As one might expect from Asia’s largest network of automobile portals, there is a car-based theme to the iCar office. The break room features a road design on the floor, a “caution” street sign and, unrelated, a pretty awesome-looking chair.

Even the meeting rooms have a automobile industry vibe. Maybe I am projecting onto the car company, but this room looks a lot like a mechanic shop. The windows? Could be the garage door at the body shop. And anyone who has driven a car knows the side door that leads to the waiting room.

Check out the view from this work room! The thought of plopping down on those beanbag chairs, staring out the window will working on some task is just….mmmmmmmm.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak of the Catcha Group offices.  Maybe it’s time to fill out that resume?

All photos courtesy of Catcha Group.

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