#Asia Indonesian bookworms can check out these sites for their reading fix


Some sites let users print books on demand and build their own ‘virtual book café’

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Indonesia’s e-commerce boom touches almost every sector of the retail business, including book publishing.

While online marketplaces such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak also provide a wide array of book vendors, readers might need something more specific that caters to their needs. As a hobby, reading involves more than just the act of reading itself.

Readers also want to build a community, read interviews of their favourite authors and check out reviews before deciding to buy.

e27 has compiled a list of Indonesia’s e-commerce startups that focus on selling mankind’s greatest invention since sliced bread.

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1. BukuKita


West Jakarta-based BukuKita sells all sort of books in Indonesian and English, from dictionaries, novels, school textbooks, to even classic kungfu comics.

The startup was founded in 2006 by a group of IT and e-commerce practitioners who believe that while books are a great source of knowledge, not everyone has the time to actually visit a bookstore. It has secured partnerships with Google Asia Pacific and at least 1,100 publishers across the country.

BukuKita already has 276,422 registered members. The site also has a mailing list where members discuss new releases and get invited to book-related events.

2. KutukutuBuku


The startup was founded by two bookworms, Aulia ‘Ollie’ Halimatussadiah and Angeline Anthony, with the mission to ‘share the miracle of books to more people’.

They have also founded web development company TukuSolutions, while Ollie is also widely known as an author of more than 20 books and Founder of self-publishing platform NulisBuku.

The startup also runs Ruang Literasi (Literation Room), a blog that publishes book reviews and author interviews. KutukutuBuku users can also submit their own reviews to the site.

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3. Bukupedia


Formerly known as Bookoopedia, the West Jakarta-based startup was founded in 2007.

Apart from selling Indonesian and English books, Bukupedia also provides a print-on-demand service, where users can publish their works in the form of e-books or printed books.

Bukupedia also has Book Café, a social media platform where users can decorate their own virtual bookshop. Users get points for every transaction they do in Bukupedia, that can be exchanged with new avatars to adorn the virtual bookshop with.

4. Scoop2016.01.05.5

While the app also allows users to buy e-books, Scoop is widely known as an e-magazine reader app.

Founded in 2010 by Willson Cuaca, who is also a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at East Ventures, in June 2015 the startup launched an all-you-can-read feature through its Premium membership scheme.

Cuaca believes that the Premium membership scheme would actually give more value for publishers.

“Let’s just say that under the pay-per-download scheme, each magazine would cost IDR30,000 (US$2). Users are likely to buy maximum two magazines. Meanwhile, with the all-you-can-read scheme, publishers can actually get more as users can read unlimited content for only IDR49,000 (US$3.5),” he explains, as quoted by SWA.

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