#Asia Indonesia’s search for top engineers, and how Traveloka finds them … at home


Learn from the startup on how you can lure the best of local tech talents to work in your company


The question How Traveloka successfully hired many Indonesian Engineers even they already work outside in a multinational company while some others “Indonesian” company hire “Bollywood Programmers”?
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Traveloka was able to recruit top Indonesian talents because its founder (or one of its early employees) was actively involved in Indonesian programming competitions and apparently he maintained (or he maintains?) a reasonably good network there.

Traveloka itself happens to be a good company (a rarity by itself, let alone in a developing country like Indonesia). It happens to be actively hiring, so the news spread by itself in an exclusive network full of talented Indonesians.

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There is nothing spectacularly stupid about hiring “Bollywood programmers”.

Indian IT industry is very well-organised, the industry is well-integrated with the global market, and there are plenty of Indian IT professionals, with various level of skill and experience. Their average skill level might be mediocre, but it’s not difficult to find the good ones. The same can’t be said about Indonesian IT industry.

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Highly skilled workers are the lifeline of knowledge-intensive companies like Traveloka, and they will do almost anything to get highly skilled people, especially if they have plenty of cash.

Traveloka has benefited from being connected to an exclusive network full of talented Indonesians. Other companies which are not so lucky need to tap the global talent market.

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