#Asia Is your long vacation abroad affecting your job? This startup will come to your rescue


The Remote Life finds the right balance between work and play by providing co-working facilities alongside leisure activities

A Remote Life batch on a vacation

A Remote Life batch on a vacation

For a salaried worker, a long vacation is beyond one’s dreams. No employer on this planet would let their employees go on a 2-3 month long vacation, unless it is an unpaid leave (with some exceptions). But still, it is a Herculean task to convince your manager to give you a long, paid, break.

Even if you are a long-serving employee, your travel is restricted to a 14-days’ holiday maximum. This means your trip comes to an end even before you acclimatise to the new place, people and culture. The very next day, you are back at work, with a heavy heart.

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But, don’t lose your hopes just yet. One startup wants to help you out in getting a long vacation abroad without disrupting your work — provided your employer has a remote work policy.

“Organisations across the globe have started offering remote work options to their employees, thanks to the fast-growing infrastructure costs and clogging of cities where transportation from one point to another has become hard and time consuming,” Nishchal Dua, Founder of The Remote Life, a startup working towards this goal, told e27.

“We strongly believe that over the next 10 years, there will be a massive movement of people from the concrete buildings of metropolitan cities into the real world. As the world is moving fast to the new culture, the transition is not gonna be easy. And this is where The Remote Life comes handy,” he added.

Targeting digital nomads

The Remote Life is a programme that brings together professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs to work, live, and travel. It takes care of the research, organisation, booking of your stay, work space and experience, so that you can see the world without leaving your work behind. It is designed to give maximum focus on your experience and working lifestyle. The food, stay, and activities are native to the countries you would be visiting.

The programme picks 30 participants for each batch on an invite-only basis — mostly entrepreneurs and freelancers (commonly known as digital nomads). “We take care of the logistics for a month, so you can work without interruptions. We also have plenty of personal and professional development workshops and sessions all through the programme, ranging from basic digital marketing to setting up your personal brand and helping with technology and product development,” Dua added.

The fee starts at US$1,300 per month, which includes the flights and fares between the destinations, accommodation, 24×7 work space with high-speed Internet, airport transfers, visa, insurance and local SIM card, and planned community activities and workshops.

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The Remote Life founder Nishchal Dua

The Remote Life founder Nishchal Dua

You can get an invite from The Remote Life by filling in an online form with your name, address, phone number, email, etc.

The next trip is happening in Indonesia from March 1st to 31st. The batch will go to Cambodia (April 1st to 30th) from there and then to Thailand (May 1st to 31st). The applicant can also choose to go for the three-month three-country package.

According to Dua, the biggest roadblock in Southeast Asia is infrastructure. “The region is not famous for having the best logistics that are also pocket-friendly. Our team has traveled and spent enough time across our destinations to identify and set up the logistics, so we can ensure the best of experience to all participants at an economical price point.”

After Southeast Asia, the company is also looking to expand the programme to Europe and South America over the next 12 months. The plan is to have simultaneous programmes running across the world, all through the year, so the participants have a chance to join the holiday in Southeast Asia and then continue to Europe and onwards.

The Eureka moment

Dua is a serial entrepreneur, whose last startup, Amicus Shopping Assistant, was acquired in March 2016. He also travels a lot — he has visited nine countries and 25 states of India over the last couple of years. It was during his travels over the recent year that he got this over-whelming feedback from a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs on how they would love to travel, but can’t leave their job for even a day and there’s nothing to fix that.

The Remote Life team at a co-working space

The Remote Life team at a co-working space

That’s when the programme was built, initially as a closed one for just a limited number of people. The amazing response made him realise that this could be a real opportunity. That’s when he reached out to a few more people who then shared it with their friends.

“Our focus is on delivering a great experience to people trying out the Digital Nomad lifestyle for the first time and ease them into the new way of living. I hope to help 1,000 people move over to the other side in the next five years, all the while traveling the world myself,” he concluded.



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