#Asia It takes less time than you think to start an online business


Do you know Convoy raised US$2.5 million in seed money from the likes of Jeff Bezos when it was just six months old?

Sabih (1)“Every time I think to start an online business, I have to drop the idea because I don’t have much time.”

This is what I heard from one of my friends last night when we were driving back home after dinner.

“It takes less time than you think to start an online business. It takes less time than you think to start any online business. Trust me.”

I have to say it three times before he actually realised that I was not joking.

I know this is the problem with most of the people. You might have the same issue. When you listen to stories of successful startups and business founders, it feels great but you just don’t step ahead assuming that it takes a lot of time.

In reality, it doesn’t need a lot of time.

Case #1

Convoy raised US$2.5 million seed money when it was just six months old.

Interestingly, the investors didn’t include any unknown venture capitalists but it included people like Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO. Other two guys include Salesforce CEO and Dropbox CEO.

A startup getting funded just in six months from CEOs of leading companies, what’s better?

Case #2

Twitter purchased Periscope before it was even launched officially. The periscope was unable to raise enough seed money, but Twitter purchased it for millions as soon as the guys at Twitter saw its worth.

It really takes less time than you think to start an online successful business.

Every business starts from an idea. And this happens to be the most crucial and time-consuming activity. If you have a mediocre business idea, you won’t get as much attention as compared to a great business idea.

Spend as much time as you can on generating an innovative business idea. Look for a problem around you. Once you have identified a problem, look for its solutions. Try coming up with a better solution to one of the biggest problems that people are facing.

If this is something you can do, you are ready to rock.

Once you have a great idea, rest is all easy. You just have to get the word out. Even if you don’t have enough money, you will get funded. You don’t have to ask people, journalists, and news channels to write about your business, instead they will find you and write about you.

Things You Need To Do

So what you should do once you have a business idea?

  1. Create a website as this will let you tell people about your business. You cannot tell everyone about your business, instead just ask them to visit your website.
  2. Do some marketing including social media marketing and get a press release written and distribute it. A press release can open several doors for your business.

How much time you need to dtart your business

Idea generation needs time. Once you have an idea and you know what you have to do, you don’t need much time. You can create a website, design a nice logo, and start off with the marketing in as low as a month.

So all it takes to start an online business is a month or even less.

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