#Asia Let loose the dogs of war! Telcos M1 and StarHub halve mobile price plans


For M1, S$47.90 (US$34.70) will get you 5GB; For Starhub, S$45.90 (US$33.25) will give you 6GB


For Singapore telcos, March 9 2016 will be a day that will live in infamy. MyRepublic’s unveiling of its redonkulous S$8 (US$5.70) for 2GB per month plan sent shockwaves down the industry – forcing the incumbents to awake from their hitherto serene slumber, and now, strike back.

It first started with SingTel announcing it will allow customers to double its mobile data for just S$5.90 (US$4.20) per month.

Now, M1 and Starhub have fired their salvos. It’s all guns blazin’, baby.

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So, for M1, it announced two new SIM-only plans – mySIM+ 15 and mySIM+ 20. The first plan gives you 1GB data, 100 minutes of calls and 600 SMS/MMS for S$15 (US$10) per month, the second gives you 4GB, 150 minutes of calls and 800 SMS/MMS for S$20 (US$14.50) per month.

In addition, for S$5.90 (US$4.20) per month, subscribers can almost double their mobile data up to 12 extra GB.

For example, if you are on the i-Lite+/ Lite+, it will initially cost S$42(US$31) for 3GB per month, but add another S$5.90, and you will receive 2GB more. So if you are on the i-Max+/ Max+, which initially provides you with 13GB, M1 will give you 12GB more data for the same price.

StarHub’s new plan is a heck lot simpler: 3GB of additional data for S$3.00(US$2.20) across all price plans. Period.

So let’s do a mini comparison:

  • StarHub  – S$45.90 (US$33.25) for 6GB.
  • M1 – S$47.90 (US$34.70) for 5GB. Factoring in cost of excess 1GB–it will cost S$57.60 (US$41) for 6GB.
  • SingTel – S$67.80 (US$49) for 6GB.
  • MyRepublic – S$40 (US$29) for 6GB.

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