#Asia Make your commute great again: Singapore now has a 24/7 ‘Trump TV’ channel


The question is if Trump has big enough hands to watch the station on an iPhone 6+


The toupée, the demagogue, the next leader of the free world.

No matter the preferred nickname — or the result of the US elections in November — 2016 will go down in American history as the ‘year of Trump’.

And now, a Singaporean entertainment startup is getting into the fun.

Cornflix TV, a mobile app that curates videos from Youtube and displays them in a TV-like format, has officially launched a ‘Trump 24/7′ channel.

You got that right. Donald Trump. All Day. Everyday.

Which begs the question. Why?

“As a startup, we’re always looking for growth hacking opportunities and we heard how Trump means YUGE ratings for TV networks. So as a TV network ourselves, we thought hey… let’s create the world’s first global Trump channel! The Trump is a real showman, and whether you love him or hate him, you just can’t look away,” Cornflix CEO Kenming Lee told e27 via email.

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I took the channel for a spin today and (in all seriousness) found it to be a useful tool. As the din of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) became louder across the media, Trump 247.tv provided a useful means to ‘check in’ to how the conservative media was reacting to the entire affair.

Eventually, when I needed to find another perspective, I was able to search for some clips of Obama’s DNC speech.

For international viewers, it is a lense into the American domestic media as many of the channels presented on Trump 24/7 are difficult to find outside of the US.

“We’re selecting clips based on newsworthy-ness as well as entertainment value. But really, he makes our job so easy as there are so many stories being spun by the media, as well as content from supporters and critics alike. Every other sentence he says is media gold,” explains Lee.

The feature also allows viewers to ‘vote’ for or against The Donald in what the website calls a “super unofficial” poll. It may be playing with fire though because if Trump disapproves of the results, Cornflix may find itself at the receiving end of the candidate’s infamous Twitter account — a fate the company embraces.

“We’ve just launched it last week and we’re getting really passionate folks from both camps. The traffic has been ramping up steadily and hopefully we get blessed with a tweet from the Trump himself,” said Lee

Trump247.tv is not a stand-alone app but rather a channel within the Cornflix TV universe. So, to download the channel on Android or iOS look for ‘Cornflix TV’ and not ‘Trump TV’ as I did.

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Because it’s Donald Trump and, thus, an excellent opportunity we asked Lee some ridiculous questions just for fun.

Will Trump be the greatest American President of all time? Or the greatest leader in the history of the world?

Don’t know, probably neither.

Is a Trump Steak better or worse than a McSpicy?

No idea what a Trump Steak is but from what I Googled, it looks delicious!

After you graduated from Trump University, did you A. Make Millions or B. Make Billions?

Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to attend Trump University… so hopefully it was A so we don’t feel so bad.

What do you think Trump’s toupee is made from?

Isn’t it real?

Editor’s Note: We at e27 would like to thank Lee for his patience in dealing with a writer who just could not help himself.

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Whether people view the man as an existential crisis to world security, or the only vehicle in which to ‘Make America Great Again’, he has captured the attention of the entire world.

So sit down, relax, loosen that Trump Tie,  cook the Trump Steak, adjust the Trump Tower apartment security and enjoy some Trump247.tv.

Photo courtesy of Cornflix TV.




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