#Asia Marketers beware, Indonesians really don’t trust you: IDC report


Also, most people in Asia are experiencing marketing fatigue


Indonesians are really distrustful of marketers, a recent report by IDC has revealed.

93 per cent of Indonesians surveyed said they knowingly provided wrong names to marketers, while many others gave fake phone numbers (94 per cent) and fake email account addresses (95 per cent).

Its regional neighbours are, however, decidedly more unguarded. Only 17 per cent of Singaporeans and 18 per cent of Malaysians knowingly gave wrong phone numbers. In Thailand, only 11 per cent of Thais provided fake email addresses.

The Digital Consumer View 2016, commissioned by global information services group Experian, is an aggregation of consumer behavioural insights fetched from 1,235 respondents above 18 years of age and across six Asian markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

How should marketers reach consumers

Smartphone ownership is high among Asians: More than 90 per cent of respondents in all six markets said they owned a smartphone.

However, it is interesting to know that feature phones remain fairly popular among Indonesians (35.6 per cent). So naturally, using SMSes to communicate product information would be effective in that market. Sixty-two per cent of Indonesians said SMSes would help trigger their interest in a product.

Social media outreach is the best means to reach consumers in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, while in China (48 per cent), chat apps such as WeChat rule the day.

Each market also responds differently to different medium of ads. Fifty-two per cent of respondents in Thailand and Hong Kong and 48 per cent of respondents in China said they prefer video ads.

In Indonesia (59 per cent), search ads is king, while in Singapore (26 per cent), email ads are preferred. Malaysians respond most positively to social media ads (38 per cent).

Stop bombarding consumers with so much stuff

More than 60 per cent of all respondents said they were experiencing marketing fatigue, with many unsubscribing from marketing updates because of email overload. At least 70 per cent of all respondents said they received too much marketing spam in their email accounts and social networks.

Zeroing in on each market, respondents in Hong Kong (over 40 per cent) and Thailand (over 60 per cent) found social network ads irrelevant. Indonesians (nearly 70 per cent) and Malaysians (over 60 per cent) did not give two hoots about email advertisements.

In Singapore and China, more than half of the respondents said SMS advertisements were useless.

Among all six markets, Indonesians (21.2 percent) were most likely to hit the “spam” button if they encountered a marketing email. The Thais (10.1 per cent) were the most open-minded of the bunch.

So marketers, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to winning consumers in the region. It is clear from this report that each market has its own quirks and tastes to cater to.

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