#Asia Meet the 8 top-tier startups who rocked Seedstars Manila!


Startups that pitched were from various industries including healthcare, data analytics, agriculture and others.

The winner, Acudeen, along with Seedstar Manila partners

The winning startup, Acudeen, along with Seedstars Manila partners

Seedstars World, the global seed-stage startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes, returned to the third time to Manila on May 21. With a mission to empower entrepreneurs in emerging markets, Seedstars World travels to over 60 countries, allowing its selected entrepreneurs to win up to US$1 million and gather a global investor and mentor network.

After sourcing through over 100 applications, the Seedstars team chose eight of these startups, with the winner, Acudeen, pitching at Seedstars Summit in Switzerland. Read up on these eight startups below:

Acudeen (Winner of Seedstars Manila)

Acudeen is an online peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace for discounted invoices that helps small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with cashflow problems. While most SMEs would apply for bank loans, SMEs with cashflow problems could not comply with the current bank loan requirements, which usually require collateral, positive financial statements, and a minimum of three years of operations. However, with its online platform, Acudeen allows SMEs to sell their receivables with invoices to willing buyers. As a result, young SMEs with previously bad financials and limited assets can have access to proper financing.


Applica is a centralised college application platform which matches students to their chosen school anytime and all-at-once. Students can look through Applica’s list of partner institutions, find information about the organisations, create an account and submit a complete application to their dream schools. Currently it charges its students US$2 (PHP100) per transaction.


As the reality of life for farmers is a cycle debts, the challenge of finding sustainable funding and high productivity can be very hard. Hence, Cropital is a crowdfunding platform connecting anyone to help finance farmers, be it private investors or individuals who just want to help. Because of Cropital, farmers are given a low-cost financing model providing technical and market assistance.

Hydro+ Technologies

Hydro+ aims to provide water pressure management solutions to water service companies without the need to buy expensive equipment. Hydro+ was created primarily because water districts are unable to manage water pressure due to the high costs of current electronic time based controllers.  It has currently developed a controller that can provide the core functions of water pressure management and will cost significantly less without sacrificing efficiency and reliability.

Maria Health

Maria Health provides simple, easy-to-access, and affordable healthcare for those who need it in the Philippines. It is the first online health marketplace that connects top health providers to the 100 million Filipino families and small businesses. Maria Health’s core innovation is to solve the affordability problem by pooling smaller groups into large ones, providing everyone consistent affordable healthcare packages similar with the healthcare packages one would receive at a large company.

Paid Up 

PaidUp is a cashless payments, order and rewards application that enables small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to crowdfund investment from their loyal customers. By doing so, PaidUp enables the SMEs to fund future investments by having customers pay upfront on the application, providing working capital for the SMEs. Currently PaidUp has partnered with 65 or more merchants across manila, with thousands of end users.

Robur Investment Resources 

Robur is a platform that provides fundamental market data for individual investors, allowing investors access to quality financial data for equity investment decisions. Currently, its Robur terminal provides a cost-effective solution combining five-year fundamentals of non-US equity data to generate investment ideas. By keeping the subscription price low, Robur allows more users access to unbiased, accurate and understandable data.

Vinteo (Coffee Owl)

Vinteo provides intelligent solutions to various industries using video and image analytics. One of its products, Coffee Owl, is a smart seed quality control system for roasters, traders and producers to quantify coffee economics. Through Coffee Owl, seeds are automatically inspected using a smart computer vision system backed by an information scheme for storing and managing data. Coffee Owl aims to bring innovation in the food industry through automated seed inspection.

Seedstars Manila was held at Launchgarage, the newly opened innovation hub in Quezon City, and brought several key ecosystem builders in the city, such as Brainsparks, Acceler8, Yes Philippines, and Impact Hub Manila. The judges for the event were Jay Fajardo, CEO of Launchgarage, Judah Hirsch, CEO of Salarium, angel-investors Anderson Tan and Joe Maristela, as well as Benjamin Benaim, one of the founding partners of Seedstars World. 

Photo Credit: Carlo Culaway

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