#Asia MyRepublic officially bids to become 4th telco, expects answer by October


It has already submitted its Expression of Interest (EOI) to IDA


Months after sending shockwaves through the telecom industry with its proposed mobile price plans, Singapore-based ISP MyRepublic has submitted its Expression of Interest (EOI) to IDA to become the 4th telco in Singapore.

The EOI outlines all of MyRepublic’s proposed technologies, network and mobile services for its new telecom business.

Among them is a “Pre-5G” network, capable of faster speeds and lower latency, made possible through Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) technologies, such as small cells and seamless wireless handover technologies.

According to MyRepublic’s communication manager Fabian Lau, a decision is expected to be delivered by the end of September or beginning of October.

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“People have asked if Singapore needs another telco. To be honest, we don’t need just another telco,” said MyRepublic CEO Malcolm Rodrigues in a press statement.

“Singapore needs a new breed of telco to transform the industry. It’s not about cutting prices, we want to build a telco that runs on new economics, one that is built from the ground up for the Next Generation of mobile services,” he added.

To boost its bid for 4th telco status, MyRepublic also sought the backing of Singapore-based VC Leonie Hill Capital, as well as existing investors, Sunshine Network (the telecom investment arm affiliated with Smartfrens, a nationwide 4G operator in Indonesia), Brunei’s mobile operator DST as well as Xavier Niel, founder of France’s disruptive telco Free.

“There aren’t many telcos emerging worldwide, and certainly none that are breaking new ground like MyRepublic is doing,” said Arun Kant, CEO of Leonie Hill Capital, in a press statement, “We believe in the MyRepublic vision. Not only is it an exciting one for consumers, it’s one with enormous potential across the region.”

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