#Asia NDC is accelerating the growth of Taiwan’s IoT Startups


Taiwan’s ability to innovate IoT sector is tremendous, here’s how its National Development Council is helping to grow it

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Taiwan’s role in IoT value chain

Taiwan holds an advantageous position in the global ICT hardware supply chain. In order to compete successfully in the IoT sector, which integrates both sides of the hardware-software equation, Taiwanese firms must break away from the traditional model of supply-chain competition. This is why now is the ideal time for Taiwan-based startups to break into the marketplace.

NDC’s determination and commitment in IoT startups

With Taiwan aggressively repositioning to take full advantage of the business potential of IoT applications, National Development Council of Taiwan (NDC) invited the Co-founder and CEO of Particle, Zach Supalla, to Taiwan to meet with domestic entrepreneurs and startups.

NDC hopes that Supalla’s insights and experiences with Particle, one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the Internet of Things for 2015, will help Taiwanese firms spur new and innovative value in vertical technology applications and stimulate cross-sector integration to connect Taiwan into critical new areas of business opportunity.

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Suggestions from Zach Supalla toward Taiwan’s startups

During Zach’s one-week visit in Taiwan, he delivered a keynote speech at the forum “New DNA of IoT Ecosystem” in Taipei. He suggested that all hardware startups and makers should know the winning keys before devoting themselves in the IoT industry: lean startup, buffers, and supply chain management. Also, Supalla advises that hardware innovators work to improve themselves in the following three aspects of “soft power”:

1) Adopt an “agile” development process, which involves iterating quickly and releasing new hardware and software frequently.
2) Utilize software to create more flexible products that can be improved over time through software updates as you learn more about your customers.
3) Be resilient in the face of failure in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.

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For Taiwan, it is hoped that Supalla’s dedicated focus on innovation and extensive IoT industry integration experience will further stimulate the spirit of innovation in Taiwan industry and set the foundations for a flowering of Taiwan-made IoT applications.

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