#Asia Need a creative boost? These 17 companies at ECAsia2016 can help


We’ve got more CREATE exhibitors coming your way for this year’s #ECAsia2016, so find out who they’ll be.


Back then there were 5, now we have 22! These companies all will be exhibiting under the #ECAsia2016 Create Zone, an area dedicated to either promising startups or for companies that provide services to them, as part of the Create Marketplace. Get an early read on these companies and check out their profiles:

iCreo (Appsters)

Appsters lets users watch or broadcast live video to the world. Users can follow not only their friends but the hottest celebrities, influencers & models as they broadcast their personal moments live. They can also chat & connect real-time with others all over the world and can support their social circle through likes. Finally, users can get behind the scenes at exclusive events LIVE and interact with their favourite entertainers, as well as earn royalties for their own live broadcasts and even become a celebrity Appster!


CashTrack aims to be the mint.com for South-East and South Asia. It allows users to save money each month by providing them with in-depth analysis into their transaction history. Once users are more aware of where their money is going each month, they will be incentivised to not spend that money on frivolous purchases. CashTrack does this by presenting investment options from within the app. The application will connect to the user’s bank account via iBanking credentials and pull in the user’s transaction history and categorise expenses. It was awarded the Most Intuitive Personal Financial Management Solution at the Citi Mobile Challenge 2015.

Cheers Now

Cheers connects the world through a new mobile wallet, one that empowers people and businesses to monetize, interact, and engage in disruptive, new ways. Cheers has made a global wallet for small money catering to anyone, anywhere, including the 2 billion unbanked; paving the way for micro-finance. To showcase a fraction of the possibilities powered through small money, Cheers has currently prototyped a sample app, testing new features through a social context.


Detrack is a revolutionary 2-in-1 cloud-based vehicle tracking and real-time proof of delivery (POD) solution that works with just the use of Android or iOS phones. Its global solution is actively used in more than 40 countries and supports more than 35 different business types. With Detrack, users can now track all your vehicles on a live map view, reduce costly customer calls, easily manage their deliveries, and receive instant delivery updates and electronic proof of delivery. Detrack has also launched our route optimisation and auto-scheduling module to make its last mile delivery a total breeze.


GIG88 is a video based platform specially designed for performers to create their profiles, uploading video showcase and getting booked by visitors that looking for talented performers. GIG88 differentiates itself from its competitors by being focused on high-quality videos instead of write-ups or photo portfolios. GIG88 believes that videos tell more than words or pictures, which is why its portal delivers more than just basic gig listings. Its unique booking system is also developed based on the current freelancer industry, a fast-paced “deal or no deal” system.

Habile Technologies

Habile Technologies is a digital technologies services and products company with more than 8 years of solid experience. It leverages its technical expertise to help clients outperform competition and be a leader in the innovation curve. With the right mix of technology, business processes and people, Habile Technologies is able to build on the trust of their clients and continue delivering exceptional results. By empowering its clients with advanced technical solutions, Habile Technologies clients are able to a viable competitive edge for their business.


JOCKY is a for-profit startup that aims to make it simple for people to find designated drivers for their cars. It is a cashless mobile app that connects car users to designated drivers in 2 taps to help get you and your car home safely. Primarily, JOCKY was founded to enhance the safety of roads through the use of technology. It helps car owners and users engage with designated valet drivers easily, so that users can reach home safely.

Represent Asia

Represent Asia specialises in cutting edge technology and marketing solutions for hotels, resorts, tour operators, travel agents and sports/leisure clubs across Southeast Asia. It also provides website and app development, with a team having years of experience in managing web design projects, designing SEO-friendly websites, and offering customised white label version of third party apps on the Android or the iOS. Under marketing solutions, Represent Asia also provides consultancy and training sessions.


Runby replaces your email client, task manager, support system and issue tracker with actionable conversations, workflows and bundles – all in just one tool with a smooth sexy interface. It allows users to send messages between teams, manage workflows and conversations such as customer support, software development or even content production and marketing. It keeps all conversations in one place, organising them by using bundles and workflows. All work can also be done offline and synced with Runby servers as soon as users are back online.


Showbox Group is a mobile internet company that focuses on mobile ad market. Receiving funding from angel investors, Showbox provides effective solutions for mobile apps and game developers and helps developers to enhance their advertising efficiency, quality and mobile traffic. Showbox also has an effective app marketing platform that drives downloads, increases app store rankings, and boosts organic growth. Currently the platform is being used by 2 million members, with 200,000 new members signing up every month.


Trusted by 30,000 students across Asia, SnapAsk provides a personalised learning experience for each student, regardless of background. Users can snap a photo of their question, tutors will be present to answer these questions, with users able to rate each tutor session they have. As of January 2016, SnapAsk has expanded to not just Hong Kong but also Singapore, Taipei and Shanghai.

Station GO

Station Go, is a one stop portal for trading things that go; primarily, Station Go trades boats, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and commercial vehicles such as buses, vans, trucks and trailers. Buyers have the ability to use the platform to search for their interested purchase, chat with sellers, and view listings. On the other hand, sellers can create a homepage on both app and web, create listings for their items, and chat with buyers on the go.

Strides Interactive Game Studios

Founded in late 2009, Strides focuses on developing games of different genres onto various online distribution platforms such as Steam. Its goal is to develop games that can deliver an immersive gameplay experience that is both fun and intriguing. Strides takes pride in developing original games and putting gamers’ interests and needs as its top priority. It has launched a game called Foresight at the back end of 2014 and refocuses RTS gameplay away from resource management, focusing instead on strategy skills.

Stripes Global 

Stripes is the menswear brand which produces fitted clothes through software technology. It combines customers’ buying journey, offline service such as body size measuring and online service such as recommendation of fit by their size. It provides tailored items such as customised shirts, suits, pants, qualified shoes and socks. We also have plans to expand our product line. It drives ourselves to be basic-designed with fitted-size, like “personalised UNIQLO.”


TapToPick, Indonesia’s first mobile laundry application, offers on-demand laundry services that enables you to finish your laundry only in single tap away. Customers can schedule their laundry pickup as early as three hours on TapToPick’s app, have their laundry collected by TapToPick’s Pickr, and have their laundry delivered back to them in 72 hours. Customers can also monitor their laundry order status, and receive a notification once their laundry is ready.


Translin is a platform that helps businesses, organisations and governments to find, hire and use quality video interpreters so they can streamline their organisation and reduce costs. Clients can schedule an interpreter, get a match, and receive confirmation once the interpreter has accepted their request. Clients will be charged the interpreter’s per-minute rate and leave ratings and reviews for the interpreter after the call.


Tripinsiders uses the talents of ‘Insiders’ from global tourist destinations to provide specialised and personalised reservations and service for travellers. Through Tripinsiders, Insiders can distribute all sorts of travel services, and receive consultation and reservation from tourists around the world. Additionally, Tripinsiders provides credit and security system for both Travelers and Insiders to guarantee great trip experiences with its peer-to-peer marketplace for hyper local tourism.


If you’d like to also participate in Echelon Asia Summit as an exhibitor, it’s not too late! We’ve got exhibition booth details right here!

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