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We list a diversity of venture builders, consultants, IT services, outsource developers, and creative agencies who have helped fellow entrepreneurs, NGOs, and corporates.

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As much as entrepreneurs are skilled as they are, once in a while they need help; this could range from a variety of services: legal, IT, tech, business operations, and design. Perhaps you’re not satisfied with your current entrepreneurial situation, so we’d like to help. Here are a list of companies that can help your business get back on its feet:

H&Ttechnology | HQ: Burma

H&Ttechnology is a company that provides both website and web application development. Founder in July 2014, the company specialises in hiring Ruby on Rails developers, who aim to bring out the best user applications in the country. They also provide mobile application development services for the Android with native Java technology. Several of their packages also include a content management system, user training, and a database.

Pixellion Creative | HQ: Burma

Pixellion Creative specializes in graphic design, providing designs for the web, mobile applications, and print. Pixel lion has been actively serving clients since early 2011, with the company serving several enterprises and successfully completing more than 100 projects across Asia. They also work on branding, web and mobile UI design, and icon design. Pixel lion aims to deliver innovative problem solving and design craftsmanship that differentiates and stands the test of time.

Skavengr | HQ: Singapore

Skavengr is a Singapore-based venture builder. It conducts intense market research in order to identify, design and create successful business models and technology products. Using Skavengr’s scalable framework, the venture builder claims that it can launch a product in 4 to 6 weeks. As of this writing, Skavengr has invested into YouConnect, incubated HeyWorkout and launched Careerment. It has goals to launch a new company every quarter.

Leo Tech | HQ: Singapore 

Founded in 2010, Leo Tech operates three main areas of business: Consultancy, Startup Studio and Venture Builder. Its consultancy provided end to end software and IT services – from the start of your idea, the product, all the way to launch and support. It provides rapid prototyping as well. Its startup studio provides resources such as software and IT services, office space, growth hacking, and mentoring in return for equity. Its venture builder focuses on ideas within Leo Tech that are turned into standalone products and businesses.

Kabob Creative | HQ: China

Kabob Creative is a technology company with the goal to innovate modern productivity and creativity. It features two main services, the Kabob, a HTML5 Graphic Cloud and the Lookr, a cloud based digital signage. The Kabob allows users to DIY ad banners and cover images, and allows users to let others join in their projects. On the other hand, Lookr makes it easy for users to easily manage digital signages by downloading its Android app.

FluidX Creations | HQ: India

Founded on Feb 2014, FluidX Creations is a web agency that focuses on three core solutions: web development, branding and digital marketing. It also has Rockthosting, a Mumbai based domain and hosting company. At FluidX, its team of young professional developers and designers believe that it’s very important to develop a website that’s creatively appealing and at the same time informative, catering to the needs of all types of visitors. It strives to revolutionize the way clients conduct their day-to-day business by delivering innovative web services.

Sebiz | HQ: India 

Founded in 2001, Sebiz can help you achieve your IT and training goals. They are the IT partner you can depend on to increase business efficiency and help your business to be more visible online. They provide software development services, web and mobile application development, and search engine marketing services. Additionally, it has a Sebiz Finishing School which has conducted a number of training and educational initiatives.

Sence | HQ: Hong Kong

Sence is a social marketing and loyalty platform and app that helps businesses grow by leveraging activities in the vast social networking community. Functioning as a complete social CRM, it has a data analytics engine that provides practical insights on customer loyalty. It has an online portal allows businesses to use this data to create customised campaigns for their customer base and assess which marketing channels (online or offline) produce the highest returns (ROI).

MagLoft | HQ: Indonesia

MagLoft is a startup that allows its clients to publish their own, fully branded magazine on iOS, Android, desktop and the web. Clients can signup for free and start to create, curate and upload content right away. MagLoft takes care of customising, compiling and submitting the native iOS and Android apps to the app stores, and creates store listings, in app products/purchases and screenshots automatically. Overall, MagLoft provides clients with a simple and affordable avenue for going fully digital.

SIJA Solutions | HQ: Indonesia

SIJA Solutions offers three main services: strategy and company architecture, application development and system integration and data management. Its goal is to develop industry-focused software-based solutions to help organizations meet their business goals. It also specialises in several Microsoft platforms such as .NET Technologies, SQL Server, and Silverlight. Established since 2012, their unmatched combination of software and industry, process, and technology expertise helps reduce implementation time and risk.

Harnods | HQ: Indonesia

Founded by designer Dirman Suharno in 2004, Harnods is a creative web design studio based in Jakarta. It focuses on producing clean, simple and accessible websites, with particular expertise in user interface. For their client base, they have experienced working for both small-medium enterprises and multinational companies. Harrods also functions as a web design outsourcing company, offering developers and designers for remote staff hiring if needed.

Geddit Right | HQ: Singapore

Geddit Right is a Singapore-based company that exist to “create digital experiences for the world.” Functioning as a digital and design agency, it focuses on building brands through website design, branding & corporate identity, marketing communications design and software or application development. Founded in 2013, Geddit Right has assisted fellow entrepreneurs and corporate enterprises in web design, e-commerce, SEO, mobile applications, and other related fields.

Reta Transmedia | HQ: Singapore 

Reta Transmedia is a media agency that focuses on various divisions, namely web and graphic design, new media, television and commercials, corporate videos, events, newsroom, and short films. It advocates ‘The Art of Transmedia Storytelling’ – and believes that strong content is the key to build a cohesive business. Reta Transmedia also leverages technology for every aspect of its content creation in order to better serve its clients and audiences.

Swag Soft | HQ: Singapore

Swag Soft is a mobile app development agency focused on several core areas, namely app development, game development, augmented reality development and iBeacon technology. It has helped big brands like BMW, Caltex, Toyota and government agencies like the MDA and Singapore Air Force. Not only does it provide development work but also provides strategy and app marketing plans, as well as clarifying and discussing clients’ business objectives. Swag Soft differentiates itself from other development studios by being ‘marketers first, developers second.’

Unifide | HQ: Singapore

Unifide is a startup digital agency. It designs and develops both web and mobile products for organizations and startups while advising all things on the interweb. Several of its clients include Nanyang Technological University and MyRepublic, keeping its small team of designers and developers in an open-culture environment. It has built websites, dashboards, apps, and back-end systems for their clients, developing products that are ‘functionally beautiful.’

Tri-Niche | HQ: Singapore

Tri-Niche is a social enterprise which offers low cost and high efficiency IT services to assist welfare entities and companies such as building innovative apps to resolve their IT constraints and address social issues. Additionally, Tri-Niche develops in-house innovative projects by partnering with several welfare and corporate entities on social causes. As part of its mission on education, Tri-Niche also provides pro-bono IT trainings to less advantaged individuals and matches them with jobs after completing the program.

Villains | HQ: Singapore

Villians is a creative agency that focuses on experimenting with new theories and concepts in order to create new sustainable systems and movements. It aims to provide solutions that focus on three things: facilitate great and necessary change through action, enable and empower individuals and entities to make the right impact, and create a new scalable culture that improves along with the advanced growth of technology and its impact on society. Villains is currently composed of a collective of critical thinkers and doers.

Beeketing | HQ: USA

Beeketing is a marketing automation platform for e-commerce businesses. Built for e-commerce companies with many simple yet complementary marketing apps, Beeketing helps small e-commerce companies increase conversion rate, customer retention by email automation and on-site recommendation. Currently, Beekting is the most popular marketing automation platform on Shopify, with 35,000 business users worldwide, 80% being from the US.

Accela | HQ: Singapore

Accela is a support services company, providing the essentials to companies in running a business. It aims to help startups succeed and allow them more time to grow their businesses. Currently, Accela provides the following services: bookkeeping and finances, IT system, recruitment and PR, and marketing. Accela is composed of trusted professionals dedicated to providing start-up businesses with practical and much needed solutions in core areas of their business.

YMMY | HQ: Thailand 

Founded in July 2013, YMMY focuses on three design services: character design, infographics and video productions. It hones its UX and UI design and development skills for its clients and delivers “yummy” output to satiate their clients. YMMY has also been shown to delve into producing technology such as QR codes and taking on mobile accessories in their portfolio.

Cloud Comrade | HQ: Singapore

Cloud Comrade is an enterprise-focused, Singapore-based Cloud computing consultancy. It is one of preferred Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partners in Singapore offering cloud strategy consulting, cloud solutions, implementations, migrations and managed services. When businesses migrate to the AWS Cloud, Cloud Comrade assists in providing help and support with their various questions. Cloud Comrade allows clients to choose from its portfolio of cloud services: strategy, design, deployment, and management.

Stamford Advisors | HQ: Singapore

Stamford Advisors primarily focuses in help their clients launch their business ventures and guide them on the entrepreneur’s journey. Establishing themselves as Architects of Business, Stamford Advisors can help entrepreneurs build themselves from the ground up through some of its services, such as company incorporation, Singapore immigration, accounting and tax services, IP and legal solutions, and business licensing.

Maventus | HQ: Hong Kong

Maventus is a software company that develops social media marketing software for business. Its core product, MavSocial, is an end to end visual content management & publishing solution for brands and agencies. With MavSocial, organisations are able to centrally manage all their social media images & videos, plan campaigns and then publish to social networks. Specifically, it also provides features such as licensing content, planning campaigns, analytical reports, and scheduling and publishing campaigns.

Showbox Group | HQ: Singapore

Showbox Group is a mobile internet company that focuses on mobile ad market. Receiving funding from angel investors, Showbox provides effective solutions for mobile apps and game developers and helps developers to enhance their advertising efficiency, quality and mobile traffic. Showbox also has an effective app marketing platform that drives downloads, increases app store rankings, and boosts organic growth. Currently the platform is being used by 2 million members, with 200,000 new members signing up every month.

Swizzle | HQ: South Korea

Swizzle’s mission is to make the ‘influencer market’ more accessible and easier to understand. Swizzle has experience in building amazing products solving different problems in the industry, and are positioned to know and solve next level problems with influencer marketing. Its latest project, Swizzle Labs is starting its database and AI learning with Swizzle’s Korean influencer network. By tracking influencer activity, it will be able to consult with various ad agencies and companies utilising influencer marketing findings.

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