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Companies may not just be looking for a specific skillset, but also an ability to tap into a cultural knowledge and network


The modern career market is fiercely competitive. In a capitalist business world, ruled by the private sector and dominated by highly qualified individuals, finding a own way of getting ahead is paramount to success.

Whilst there are numerous strategies — further education, training, etc — many of the benefits of undertaking such actions are negated by the swathes of other individuals following a similar path.

In a working world such as ours, it takes more than a mass-produced degree to stand out. It takes unique experience.

This is why working abroad can improve career prospects, establishing a candidate with unique qualities. It offers opportunities that cannot be gleaned from studying or training. Rather it provides standout career experience perfect for getting ahead.

Create a global network of contacts

Networking is key to business success.

It has shown to be an effective way of not only finding work but also creating opportunities, building business relationships, gaining advice from more experienced peers, increasing influence and raising a personal business profile.

No matter the industry, creating links has guaranteed benefits. Benefits that boost an employee’s ability to be competitive and help them stay ahead of the curve.

Choosing to work abroad creates an opportunity to network in foreign nations, building an entirely different and unique set of contacts. When combined with business links back home, suddenly the network is a global link of contacts.

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With the world becoming increasingly interconnected — especially with commerce and jobs — having global contacts amplifies the potential benefits of networking. Not only does it make an applicant more appealing to employers who may wish to capitalize on links to foreign businesses, it also presents a catalyst for future career opportunities.

Experience different working cultures and become a multinational employee

Every continent, every country, and every city has its own unique way of doing business. By spending time working in Tokyo, for example, employees start to learn the ins and outs of the city; how everything flows and how business gets done.

By working with companies out of the city, it’s only a matter of time before before understanding how business in Japan is done becomes familiar. This is very advantageous information.

By working abroad, people gain the same knowledge just on an international level. The result is an experience few others are able to match. Offering a competitive edge that puts an application ahead of the thousand others placed in front of the eyes of recruiters.

International knowledge not only displays an ability to adapt to different customs and ways of doing business, but it also offers businesses specific skills and expertise. One that could propel a career to previously unattainable heights.

Boost your professional confidence

In a recent survey, Forbes outlined the top three personality traits employers look for when recruiting: professionalism, high-energy, and confidence. Above all, the hardest trait to obtain on this list is confidence.

Faking confidence is tough, and most recruiters have met enough people to know the ‘real deal’ when they see it. Gaining ‘real’ confidence in an industry though, is not as tough as you might think.

International job hunting is a daunting task in itself. And that is nothing compared to entering the workplace, with a whole new set of rules and customs to learn. However, once by conquering an international industry, home turf is going to seem like a walk in the park.

Working outside of the comfort zone — away from home, friend and family — allows people to push themselves in ways that could have never been possible before. It encourages adaptability and resilience, nurtures change and learning, and results in a worker with confidence in their abilities.

Obtain high-level experience before your competitors

An engineer in New Delhi is not exactly going to be turning the heads of recruiters. But in the UK, a country currently experiencing a engineer skills shortage, this a different story. While the candidate may be seeking international work to gain experience and boost prospects, to recruiters abroad see a skillset that makes them an asset to their business.

Whether it is a corporation expanding overseas, an international business looking for somebody with experience in other cultures or a company short of a specific type of worker, international employees have the capacity to be a high-quality candidate.

The result is increased opportunities and the potential to rise through the ranks more quickly. An increase in responsibility comes faster and high-level decision-making obligations come earlier.

Upon returning home, the acquired a skill set and level of responsibility will far outreach much of the competition. Not only does this increase employability, but is also allows applicants to aim higher and look for a job to match the experience.

Satisfy travel cravings that may hinder future career plans

Traveling, seeing the world, discovering far-off lands — this is an idea that often permeates our minds, creating a deep desire to leave home and spread our metaphorical wings.

The problem is, traveling in itself does little to improve career prospects. In fact, it can actually be counterproductive. Traveling means taking extended time out of the working world, leaving jetsetters on the back foot professionally.

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After returning from the travels, it will take some time to catch up with competitors and progress a prosepective career.

Working in a foreign country — or even countries (plural) — offers a different option. It has the capacity to not only boost competitive edge and advance a career but it also satisfies a desire to travel and discover the world.

Working out of international cities means absorbing and immersing oneself in local culture, but it should allow extra traveling outside the city during downtime. All while not sacrificing any career progression.

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Heather Darby is the marketing manager at  international relocation specialists, Momentous Relocation: experts in global relocation.

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