#Asia Private & Confidential! Here are 6 cheap eats you should go to before leaving Penang


With the limited time you have, you should at least try these 6 on-the-budget eateries

Rule 1 when visiting Penang:

Do not leave Penang before trying Penang local food.

Rule 2?

Go back to number 1, and just get it over with.

Previously, PopDQ local experts revealed 5 must go places. And the best way to enjoy a short trip is to eat what the locals eat. If you’re a Malaysian, you know that Penang is one of the best places in Malaysia to stuff your belly with true authentic Malaysian food. If you’re from other parts of the world, here’s what you should know: After tasting Penang food, you will want to come back. Be sure you eat enough before you go back. Seriously, no joke.

Workations often come with a tight budget. And so, for the first time, PopDQ local experts finally exposing 6 cheap eats that you don’t want to miss. You’re most welcome!

Tiger Char Kuey Teow

Distance from Echelon MY 2017: 2.3km (7 minutes Non-Peak Period) – map

Grab price: RM5

Operation hours: 8am – 2.30pm daily

Price range: RM4.50 – RM5.50/plate of kuey teow

Yes! It’s that cheap! If you’re not familiar with kuey teow, now is the best time for you to get to know this thin white noodles covered in soy sauce, eggs, and succulent prawns. The garlicky notes mix with whatever magic in the wok gives that extra oomph! You might want to order a second plate. Tiger char kuey teow’s shop is old but gold. With only 7 minutes away from Royale Bintang, we say, just do it. For breakfast or lunch? Who cares. Just don’t miss it!

Source: omnivoreadventure


Sulaiman Chapathi & Roti Jala

Distance from Echelon MY 2017: 11.4km (16 minutes Non-Peak Period) – map

Grab price: RM8

Operation hours: 3 pm until sold out (Thursday – Tuesday)

Price range: RM0.80/piece for chapati, RM 1 for 3 pieces roti jala, RM3 for a small plate chicken curry, RM1.60 for small plate minced beef curry, sardine curry & vegetable curry.

Will it be worth it to travel 11km for chapati and roti jala? A BIG YES! Chapati is an Indian flat bread, and roti jala is somewhat a thin pancake that looks like a fish net. Because “jala” means net. And don’t be quick to judge the small hawker stall. For your own good, it’s highly recommended that you order 2 sets of each. Also, try all of the curries! The rich curry flavour but light to the palette is a perfect combo when pairing it with chapati and roti jala. Bring your colleague along because you obviously need someone to take your picture with the chapati and roti.

Source: Hungrygowhere


Penang Apom Manis

Distance from Echelon MY 2017: 6.1km (12 minutes Non-Peak Period) – map

Grab price: RM8

Operation hours: 7 am – 2 pm (Monday till Saturday)

Price range: RM0.80/piece or RM4 for a set of 6 pieces apom

Craving for something sweet but local? Apom Manis will do the job. It’s something like a cross between a crepe and pancake. This local hawker stall has been around for about 30 years, but they’re still using charcoal to cook the apom. With the crispy edge and sweet fluffy centre, this Apom Manis is a winner. Simple, but beats any hipster pancake out there. Easy on the wallet, good for the tummy.

Source: Time Out


Teochew Cendol

Distance from Echelon MY 2017: 2.4km (6 minutes Non-Peak Period) – map

Grab price: RM5

Operation hours: 10.30 am – 7 pm daily

Price range: RM2.50/bowl

This is the king of Malaysian old school dessert: CENDOL. And this is not just any cendol. It’s the Teochew cendol. Shaved ice with sweet palm sugar syrup, coconut milk, and green jelly cendol. Nothing can ever go wrong with this sweet cold dessert. Just in case something went wrong, take a break and sip a bowl (or two) of Teochew cendol. Everything will be right again after. Don’t skip this dessert. Ever.

Source: City lights


Oyster Omelette

Distance from Echelon MY 2017: 3km (8 minutes Non-Peak Period) – map

Grab price: RM5

Operation hours: 4 pm-11 pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Price range: RM10 – RM15/plate

It’s slightly pricey compared to other locations but it considerably cheap for oysters. Other than eating it raw, this is how we do it in Penang. What’s special about Penang oyster omelette is the fried rice flour batter and egg. This is the secret to a crispier omelette instead of it being wet and soggy. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t share with your colleague during this trip, it’s definitely this.

Source: burpple


Assam Laksa

Distance from Echelon MY 2017: 10km (19 minutes Non-Peak Period) map

Grab price: RM9

Operation hours: 11 am- 7 pm daily

Price range: RM5/bowl

This is the finale. Ranked on the 7th place out of 50 most delicious food in the world, Assam Laksa Penang is a show stopper and a perfect ending to your food discovery adventure. The taste of Penang is in this one bowl of Assam Laksa. The sweet, sour, spicy fish broth topped with shredded fish fillet. Poured into a bowl of chewy white noodle. This is the ultimate burst of flavours that brings endless joy to your sense. You will not regret the 19 minutes drive. Here’s when you risk life a little.

Source: rasamalaysia


With the limited time you have, you should at least try these 6 on-the-budget eateries. What the local experts didn’t tell you is – there are more than just 6 cheap eats in Penang! Download PopDQ app today and PopDQ verified Experts for Echelon Malaysia 2017 will reveal another 15 hidden locations for your food adventure with your colleague. They’ll be ready to answer as many questions from you.

What are you waiting for? Pop the local experts, questions at PopDQ app on Penang food and start planning your schedule now.


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