#Asia Simple tips to ensure the success of your next online venture


From design to content to social engagement here are the things you should focus on in building your next digital business

At a time when about half of world’s population is using the internet in one way or another, you cannot sideline its importance and think of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

No matter what, you need to optimise how you target your online market as soon as possible to reach out to new customers and take your business to greater heights. While doing so, follow these simple tips and witness great results over and over again:

Create a compelling web presence

Believe it or not, but the graphical representation of your web property (be it app or website) matters a lot. The more faster and aesthetically pleasing your website is, the better user engagement it will have. So, if you are using a content management system like WordPress on your website, use responsive magazine themes that load fast and look good, as well.

According to Amazon, a delay of one second could cost it up to US$1.6 billion in sales. This is the main reason why it has been investing heavily in various technologies that can help its e-commerce store load fast.

Amazon e-commerce store

For your blog, you should also do the same and focus on using responsive blog themes that are SEO optimised, look good and load fast.

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Be clear with your vision

Even before Facebook became a billion dollar company, Mark Zuckerberg was clear about one thing: connecting people. He wanted to help people connect with each other in a hassle-free manner in such a way that geographical boundaries didn’t matter anymore. Today, Facebook has transformed into the largest social media site in the world, but still its vision of ‘Connecting People’ hasn’t changed at all.

Follow the same path if you also want to create a successful online business. Have your vision clear from day one.

Write effective content for users

Write for users, not search engines

In an attempt to get high search engine rankings, many webmasters start focusing way too much on writing content for search engines. They sideline the fact that it’s not Google that buys their products, but customers. Make sure you don’t commit the same mistake.

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Write content that adds value to your readers’ time. If you can successfully do it over and over again, then you won’t have to worry about search engine rankings ever.

Leverage social media for better engagement

There are only two types of people on social media: buyers and sellers. Unless you have a strategy to use social media for your business’ growth, you will always end up as a buyer. So, prepare a social media strategy as soon as possible and make the most of the present social media-driven era.

Target smartphone customers

Smartphone marketing

Out of all the people who use the internet, 80 per cent do it via smartphones. They hold the key to future of online marketing, so make sure you target smartphone users right from the beginning. There are two ways of targeting smartphone users: native mobile app, and mobile-optimised website.

Right from watching movies to using social media, e-commerce, and instant messaging, users prefer mobile apps in place of websites. This fact is known to most businesses, and they are actively focusing on developing mobile optimised sites. You can go a step further and develop a native app for smartphone users. This will give you a clear edge over your competitors.

The online market has ample opportunities for everyone. All you need is a long term vision and a perfect strategy. If you are determined to succeed and pay attention to the steps mentioned here, you can definitely touch all new heights and lead your desired life as an entrepreneur.


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