#Asia Singapore has world’s fastest Internet, but South Korea has the best: Akamai report


When it comes to page-loading time on a mobile device, Singapore ranks slightly above average, with Thailand being the fastest


On the global stage, Asia can stand up and claim it has both the fastest Internet in the entire world as well as the fastest average connection, says a new report from Akamai that analysed global speeds from Q4 2015.

At a rate of 135.7 Mbps Singapore had the world’s fastest peak connection speed for Q4 2015 (it held the top spot for Q3 as well). However, as was the case last quarter, it drops significantly (15 spots in Q4 with a speed of 13.9 Mbps) when analysing the ‘average connection speed’— a marker that is more applicable to the daily life of an average person.

South Korea can claim to have the fastest average Internet connection at 26.7 Mbps and comes in third globally for peak speed at 95.3 Mbps. Furthermore, its connection speed increased by 30 per cent from the third quarter.

Hong Kong and Japan are the other Asian countries that consistently rank high in both metrics. Hong Kong has the sixth fastest average speed and second fastest peak speed. Japan is fourth and fifth in the respective categories.

Globally, the average connection speed is 5.6Mbps and the average peak is 32.5Mbps.

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In the region, India has the slowest Internet in both average connection speed (2.8Mbps) and peak connection speed (21.2 Mbps). Those numbers put the country at 114th and 115th on the global rankings.

“Singapore and Hong Kong once again led the pack as the only two countries/regions with average peak connection speeds above the 100 Mbps threshold, while an additional five surveyed countries/regions in Asia Pacific saw average peak speeds above 50 Mbps—up from four in the third quarter,” the report read.

Year-on-year the big winner was Indonesia, which saw its average connection speed more than double, posting a 109 per cent increase from 2015. It also saw a 157 per cent jump in peak connection speed to 79.8 Mbps (launching the country to sixth globally).

When it comes to mobile, Singapore is slightly above the rest of its contemporaries. The average speed for a mobile page to load in the city is three seconds.

Interestingly, Myanmar has the fastest mobile load time at just below two seconds while India is the slowest with an average of seven seconds.

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The report also highlighted two ‘Internet disruption events’ in Asia (when Internet connection drops precipitously due to accidents, weather events or political interference).

On November 18, 2015 in Bangladesh the Internet speeds crashed to about 5 per cent of normal levels after a Supreme Court ruling that upheld the charges war crimes for former political leaders. The government said it was an accident, having meant to only block certain social media pages.

In Myanmar, on November 9, 2015, Internet connection speeds halved after state-owned telco MPT Myanmar was hit with a power supply shortage.

To give an idea of the size and scale of the data Akamai is analysing, in Singapore the company analysed data from 1.84 million unique IPv4 addresses while in South Korea the number was 24.3 million.

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