#Asia The glorification of Silicon Valley in Asia and why it happens


The Silicon Valley is not the highest ideal tech ecosystem, and we should blaze our own trail, says Aaron Everhart, the Founder of HATCH!

Today on the Espy podcast, we meet Aaron Everhart — the Founder of HATCH!, a community builder in Vietnam that operates a co-working space and incubator and runs annual conferences.

Aaron has been in Vietnam for 11 years helping startups and has also started-up a couple digital branding agencies of his own. In a past life, he was a copywriter in San Francisco during the dot-com boom and witnessed the crash as a bystander.

The combination of growing up in Silicon Valley and being a naming specialist for tech companies in the US and Asia has made Aaron very aware of the power of a name. Besides sharing his candid views on the glorification of Silicon Valley in Vietnam and in Asia, he also explains why we are obsessively comparing ourselves with the mythical Bay Area tech scene. And why we should stop.

Show notes

HATCH!: www.hatch.vn/

1:02 – ‘The commercialization of innovations’ in Silicon Valley and the culture that it has created

1:55 – Bollywood got its name as Hollywood is seen as the ‘standard’ for the entertainment industry

2:51 – Aaron the copywriter in San Francisco during the dot-com boom

3:46 – Aaron arrives in Vietnam with only preconceived notions and sees opportunity in the streetscape of Hanoi

5:12 – Aaron returns to Silicon Valley on official startup business after a decade

6:16 – Silicon Valley, the brand name. But startups should come up with their own

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