#Asia These 6 apps will shave hours off your workday


The apps come from different countries, but what they have in common is that they will considerably ramp up your productivity

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There are never enough hours in the day to complete everything on your to-do list. However, improving your productivity can help get you on your way to achieving more both personally and professionally.

Here are six apps that will help improve your day significantly. They all come from different countries, but what they have in common is that they will make changes in your life and considerably ramp up your productivity.

1. Mailwise

Many apps claim to improve your productivity through better organisation, but this one actually lives up to its promise. Nowadays people communicate via email because it is simple, fast and efficient. However, because of its mass consumption, emails can often overwhelm people and end up decreasing productivity.

As opposed to other email apps, Mailwise doesn’t encumber the user with useless data or too many details. Rather, it helps them to go straight to the point and classify for them their emails by level of importance.

This email app will also help you organise your day by managing your inbox and by regrouping your different accounts. With Mailwise, you will save some precious time, get more done and feel a huge improvement in your productivity.

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2. MotionTraxx

It is well known that exercising can have a positive impact on people’s productivity. Indeed, according to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine, workers who exercised at least 30 minutes throughout the work day reported an average performance boost of 15 per cent. Nothing is better than getting some physical motivation to ramp up your day and productivity.

MotionTraxx will be your personal fitness coach to help you get rid of all the stress stuck in your body and convert it into a positive energy. It will help you get your body in shape and be healthier without having to go to the gym. With its enthusiastic music, the app keeps you motivated and having fun.

3. Awesome Calendar

Productivity comes through increased organisation. It is sometimes difficult to stay organised when you need to remember a lot of information from work and from your personal life.

Awesome Calendar combines three apps in one which will help you to avoid confusion and remember important meetings or events in your life. This South Korean app combines a to-do list, a calendar and a diary. You can write anything you need to do, or that you want to remember (you can even add pictures and memos).

With Awesome Calendar, you will be up-to-date on your activities like never before. All that you need to do (workwise or not) will be grouped in one place. In addition, this calendar app lists holidays and lets you set up alarms for special events.

You will even be able to figure out future events based on the weather forecast (including what to wear). All in all, this app will save you a tremendous amount of time and you will become more productive

4. Evernote

If you have too much on your mind, you should definitely take notes and relieve yourself from the enormous amount of things to do. Either you could get a personal assistant, or… you could download Evernote.

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This app will help you to be very productive by managing notes for you in one place. Its email feature and snippet web extension allows you to seamlessly save important information quickly.

Effortless and very easy to use, Evernote is an app that will enable you to write notes, checklists and even discuss your work with your colleagues. You can take advantage of its tagging feature to stay organised. Evernote also allows you to attach files (images or text) and keep important folders (work-related and others) such as receipts, travel reservations etc.

5. JotNot Scanner

Sometimes we need to share pictures or official documents with others, and we all know that the regular camera in smartphones is far from the same quality as a scanner. So, what to do? First, do not panic. Secondly, do not waste your time looking for a scanner somewhere. And third, simply download JotNot Scanner.

With this app, you will be able to scan anything from your phone which will help you save time and relatively improve your productivity. JotNot Scanner is a free scanning app that enables users to radically improve productivity by quickly saving and sharing high-quality documents.

JotNot Scanner is very easy to use; you just have to take a picture of the document that you wish to scan, and then arrange the quality of the picture by changing the image borders and contrast of the colours to make sure that the text is clear and easy to read. With the app, you will be able to send files on the go and save precious time during your workday.

6. Freshbooks

It is very difficult to keep track of invoices and expenses, especially when you have a lot of clients and work with a lot of people. Another challenging point is to keep everything organised in a way that everyone can understand.

This is where Freshbooks saves the day. Its purpose is to help you send invoices to your clients and to track the time and expenses you spent. The app synchronises all your important data (client name and email, team members, hours and money spent) in one sheet. With Freshbooks, you can get basic accounting sheets sorted even if you have never even looked at an Excel sheet.

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With these apps, you will become more productive than ever. You will be able to get more done (at work and in your daily life) and faster.

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