#Asia These apps will help you stick to your New Year’s resolution in 2016


The key to achieving your New Year resolutions now lie in the palm of your hand

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Homer Simpson so eloquently resounds the feeling you get when you glance through the New Year’s resolutions list you had scribbled in last year.

Let’s admit it, January is a month full of determination and enthusiasm, but we can somewhat blame mundane duties of daily life for rubbing the shine off in the following months.

New Year’s resolutions are no different. Gyms, meditation and recreational centres probably see the highest growth in January when the adrenaline of the new year (along with some of the happy liquor from parties) is pumping through the veins.

A number of new blogs and photo sections also make an appearance during the time, when people decide to fulfil their lifelong dream of becoming writer or a photographer, well at least for a few weeks.

To ensure that 2016 is the year where you can proudly strike off your resolution list, here are some apps from Google Play that can help you claim that crown of glory without spending a penny.

Lose weight and stay fit

The most popular resolution of all times hands down would be to lose a couple of inches or just simply regularly go for a morning jog or join the gym.

As simple as it sounds, we all know that each year the task seems even more difficult than before. To help you stay on track with your diet plan in 2016, is My Diet Coach that claims to help you find your inner motivation, let you make healthy lifestyle changes and resist food cravings, emotional eating, avoid exercise laziness and other weight loss difficulties.

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Reading has become one of those activities that we all claim to love while the claims for not having time to read is on the rise. If this is on your list of New Year resolutions and you don’t want to invest in hard copies and e-readers, then the Kindle app is just what you need.

The Kindle app offers over a million books and for the lighter readers, you can read magazines or newspapers. You can also shop for books or borrow books from the e-librbary.

Spend less and save more

Last year, you had promised yourself that you would cut down on that extra spending and save your way to becoming a millionaire. Come 2016, you still can’t figure out who took all the money from your bank account surely it couldn’t be those cute Gucci shoes or that shiny rim for your car.

Monefy helps you keep track of your spending to ensure that you are well aware of the expenditure trends you incur each month.

You just need to add new transactions when you are buying a coffee or taking a taxi. It’s done in one click, because you do not need to fill anything except the expense amount.

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Get more organised

Apart from the new calendar, the reason why the sale of organisers goes up in January, is the renewed determination each year to plan your life better, not to waste time so that you can make time for “more important” things in life.

I bet if you open most of the organisers the number of things on the list would dwindle down and boredom of writing the task down setting in, till finally after a few months a major chunk of the organiser would be empty and good for scribbling use.

Any.do helps you to keep your organiser close to you in your palm and send you reminders and alarms. It includes a calendar, a notepad, a board for post its or sticky notes, and your daily scheduler. Easy to use, it will help you stay organised for the whole year.

Inner peace

The last week of the year leaves us all exhausted, and we invariably promise ourselves to be kinder to ourselves and try and like Master Shifu from Kungfu Panda try to search for “inner peace”.

The art of Yoga is just one of those things that everyone wishes they could master. It not only helps to create a balance between your mind and body and helps you keep fit. It also looks pretty cool if you can actually do all those stretches and poses.

DailyYoga, is the app you need, to help you achieve that goal. It is a yoga coaching app suitable for all level – beginners, intermediate and advanced. It has over 50 HD yoga exercises and 500 yoga poses that are showcased in HD video, with live voice guide and soothing yoga music.

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Learn a musical instrument

The rockstar that hides inside us for most of the year, makes a grand appearance every holiday season, when you promise yourself that you will finally take that Gibson out of the attic and play like Slash. Then the cost of a music tutor and the effort taken to go to a class just seems like a huge ask.

Apps like Piano+ and Guitar+ helps you get over those excuses, but providing easy learning steps and help you earn the bragging rights that you know how to play an instrument.

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