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WorkAttest is an online repository that provides instantaneous employee verification results


Employment verification is a tedious process, and it consumes a significant amount of HR people’s time. Most companies do the background check through offline means.

WorkAttest, a product of India-based AuthBridge, is an online repository that provides instantaneous employee verification results. The platform, which connects established verifiers and contributors, has been designed to free up HR departments’ productive time, which is often otherwise being used for responding to ex-employees’ verification requests.

It is meant to make the whole verification process a breeze for HR departments, thus freeing them up to do what they really love doing – recruiting and retaining great employees.

In a quick interview with e27, WorkAttest Founder and Managing Director Ajay Trehan talks about the benefits of the product.

Here are the edited excerpts from the interview:

How does the firm collate the information of former employees? Doesn’t this constitute a breach of employees’ privacy?

WorkAttest is an platform with an online ex-employee repository where employers feed in the data and information about their former employees directly. Complete automation with defined users, restricted access, IP restriction, firewall and encryption using SSL standards make it completely secure for both employers and verifiers.

The data provided to the verifier is only employment-related. This includes employee name and ID, date of joining, date of leaving, last location, last department, last position held, reason for leaving etc. Apart from certain mandatory fields, rest of the fields to be displayed are decided as per the contributor’s choice.

WorkAttest Founder and MD Ajay Trehan

WorkAttest Founder and MD Ajay Trehan

To add to this, the data related to any candidate is not revealed to any verifier without the candidate’s consent for conducting background verification on himself/herself. This is ensured, as it is mandatory for the verifier to upload the above mentioned consent onto WorkAttest before conducting any search.

So, there is no violation of privacy.

Can you explain how WorkAttest works?

On the verifier side: An organisation who wants to verify a potential candidate for hiring will approach a verifier (vendor) to conduct the background screening of the candidate. This verifier can come to WorkAttest and enter the candidate’s details (employee name/ID) to search for the candidate’s record and upload his/her signed consent.

If this candidate’s former employer has shared data with WorkAttest, then his/her details will be revealed to the verifier. The details which will be revealed to the verifier is dependent on what data related to the employee has the contributor made ‘visible’.

If, for any reason, data is not available for that particular candidate, the verifier can raise a specific verification request by filling in candidate details and uploading his/her signed consent. This request goes directly to the HR manager of the contributing organisation, to which he/she can respond on the platform itself.

On the contributor side: Any company which wants to outsource employee verification request handling to free up productive time of its HR team can come onboard as contributor on WorkAttest. Once formally onboarded, it can upload its ex-employee data directly on WorkAttest using its own logins on a regular basis. It can then start redirecting all incoming requests to WorkAttest.

The contributor dashboard enables them to keep track of all incoming verification requests, their status, and what was exactly done.

Employers from all sectors and industries can upload their data on WorkAttest.

But how does the tool make sure the data entered into the repository are genuine?

The candidate data is directly uploaded by the HR team at the respective contributor organisations. Hence, this is dependent on the authenticity of the source.

WorkAttest also runs checks and balances to eliminate duplicity of records.

In case, any deviation is found from the stated details provided by the client, the verifiers also have the option to raise appeals with the ex-employer/contributor. These appeals are directly responded by the HR Personnel.

On WorkAttest, we only charge verifiers for every search they make (using employee name/employee ID).

We do not charge contributors currently.

How many enterprises are you currently working with?

WorkAttest currently has 14 contributors registered with it. Some of the big contributors we are currently working with include Quatrro, Manpower Group, InterGlobe Technologies, Convergys, Nagarro, NetAmbit, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Snapdeal, Hughes Systique, DHFL Pramercia Life Insurance, and Stream.

AuthBridge also provides several other back-ground verification tools. Can you walk us through them?authbridge-final

We offer complete range of solutions in background screening, be it individuals (like drivers, maids, delivery boys, etc.), or business (partners, vendors, etc.) or employees (executives, managers to leaders and C-suite).

Our spectrum of offerings include:

  • AuthBridgeOnline: An e-commerce platform for ordering background checks across 140+ countries across the globe.
  • AuthLead: Verifying business executives and top brass needs a focused approach compared with other employees. AuthLead offers a 360-degree background verification for your top brass.
  • IndiaVerify: An online service for verification of Tenants, Domestic Help, Drivers, Marriage Partners, IndiaVerify is the B2C service by AuthBridge. Individuals can also get Self-Verification conducted through this portal.

We do not just screen individuals, but also entities. Verification solutions for entities include vendor due diligence, investment risk due diligence, post-transaction risk watch, and know your customer (KYC) services.


Image Credit: WorkAttest’s Facebook Page

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