#Asia This Taiwanese startup’s smart sleep mask will help you snooze like a baby


Nuvi enables users to achieve deep sleep by playing specifically composed Zen music


Contrary to the toxic “sleep is for the weak” mantra espoused by unhinged workaholics, the lack of sleep is actually highly detrimental to a person’s overall well-being and productivity. And Singapore, pushed by an increasingly demanding and gruelling work culture, has reportedly become one of the most sleep-deprived nation in the world. Needlessly to say, the ill effects of this could have far-reaching consequences — maybe, even fatal.

Thankfully, Taiwan-based startup Auston Health is eager to put the Z back in snooze. It has developed a smart sleep mask designed to help user sleep comfortably in a variety of circumstances; whether they are on a plane, or at their work desk looking for a power nap.

A sleep mask that shuts the world out


First, let’s talk design.

On first impression, Nuvi looks like one of those big sports sunglasses skiers use, and for good practical reasons, too! The large design allows for the inclusion of big eye cavities, meaning that user can wear it without letting the material touch their eyes or eyelashes (unlike traditional eye masks).

Auston Health claims that this reduces pressure on the eyes (unlike traditional sleeping masks), which in turn, will lead to the user into the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep (otherwise known as deep sleep) more easily Additionally, its design prevents any light from leaking in.

On the both ends of the Nuvi are ear muffs with speakers embedded in them. Users can connect Nuvi to music streaming services such as Spotify or iTunes Music via Bluetooth connection.

Six programmable modes

The smart features of the Nuvi come alive in its six unique programmable modes, which is set by the user’s smartphone

The first mode Easy Sleep relies on heavily on sound to send the user off to dream world. Auston Health has a specially-composed Zen music mix and binaural beats designed for this very purpose. As the deep, soothing tunes flood the user’s ears through the ear muffs and envelopes their consciousness, quality deep sleep should soon follow.

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Nuvi also allows white noise to be emitted if music is not preferred. The idea is that the right music or sound should help user tune out from the world of the waking naturally and cross into the slumber land.

The second mode Smart Deep Sleep Booster uses the sound techniques Easy Sleep delivers an extra dosage of Zen music in the middle of the user’s sleep, ensuring that they achieve deep sleep.

The third mode Smart Wake Up allows the Nuvi to emit a series of blue lights combined with its Zen music to wake up the user up gently. Some reports suggest that exposure to blue light — the same one emitted by computers and smartphones (which also happens to hinder sleep) — may actually help wake the brain up gently after a long sleep.

The fourth mode Power Nap is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it compresses its sleep cycle functions into 30 minute periods or other intervals.

The fifth and sixth mode, Light Energizer and Jet Lag Adjust, work fairly similar. They blast the user’s brain with soft blue light, helping them to stave off jet lag and remain alert and awake.

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Currently, Nuvi retails on Kickstarter for US$55, which may seem rather pricey compared to buying a pair of ear plugs and a conventional sleep mask, but if you are a regular insomniac or a frequent traveller, the value of quality sleep cannot be understated, especially if there are meetings to attend, clients to broker deals with. Parting with US$55 would seem an inconsequential amount to part with for the ability to remain in top form on important days.

Nuvi’s Kickstarter campaign has already raised US$33,080, far exceeding its initial goal of a mere US$3,000 (sometimes I wonder if setting a low bar is a ploy to impress future backers). It says if it hits U$35,000, it will introduce a function to help users lucid dream.

Now that is really trippy.

Image Credit: Nuvi



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