#Asia This US$99 device lets you charge your phone wirelessly and make group calls at the same time


Additionally, LYNQ works as a USB hub with with its four USB ports

First off, LYNQ is definitely not the most innovative product to have come out of Kickstarter. But a good product does not need to dazzle; it needs to be useful — and that is what LYNQ has set out to accomplish.

Developed by Hong Kong-based startup BCXLAB, LYNQ is designed for practicality in the workplace.

Take for example teleconferencing. Whether it is conducted via smartphones or through laptops, the most common pain points (based on my observations) faced by users is bad sound quality. This is due either to inadequate in-built speakers, or poor in-built microphones.

Often times, users have to literally come within a mere inch of the microphone or speakers in order to get their message across or listen to the other party clearly.

Granted, this problem is more pervasive with smartphones because of the smartphone’s small size. The speakerphone mode may be able, to some extend, alleviate the problem; but crank up the volume too high and the sound may become distorted.

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LYNQ solves this problem by building a pair of Bluetooth stereo speakers and a microphone into the device. The dual 3.5W speakers feature an EQ profile that claims to have a balanced range of deep bass, mids and highs to ensure a crisp sound quality not only for speaking but also for music listening (it doesn’t say, however, if the EQ levels are adjustable).

But the more striking of these two features is the microphone. Not only is it omni-directional but it covers up to a radius of three metres — a crucial element to ensure everyone in the group can get their voice heard clearly.

If the smartphone in use is low on juice, LYNQ has two ways to charge it. One, it offers four USB 3.0 ports so multiple users can charge their phones. Or two, if they own any QI wireless charging compatible phone, they can dispense with the cable and place it on the charging pad on top of LYNQ (non QI wireless charging phones can buy an adaptor but their reliability is debatable).

Additionally, the LYNQ can be used as a USB hub. It even has a USB-C port so new generation Apple Macbooks without the Type A USB ports can get hooked up.

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Apart from that, there are other bells and whistles. For users who abhor clutter, they can tuck the cables into any of LYNQ’s four straight grooves located beneath the device There are even three pen holder slots on top of the device, making the LYNQ a multi-purpose office management equipment.

All in all, LYNQ’s compact design and versatility of usage may justify its US$99 (or US$69 for super early birds who fund its Kickstarter campaign) price tag. But it has one tiny flaw — it is dependant on an external power supply, so that would be a tad inconvenient if there is no power outlet close by.

If you wish to purchase it, you have 34 days to help it reach its funding goal of US$50,000 on Kickstarter.

Image Credit: LYNQ


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