#Asia Troll forces flight delay by naming phone hotspot “Samsung Galaxy Note 7″


The product has become synonymous with danger

Samsung Note 7 FINAL

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would go down in history as the first mobile phone – or I daresay, consumer tech product – to spark such widespread fear and panic. After a tumultuous year of severe malfunction reports, product recalls, a huge class action suit, and the permanent discontinuation of the product, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has inadvertently become synonymous with danger. It has also been banned on most airlines since October.

Yesterday, a passenger on a flight in the US decided to use the phone’s notoriety to play a prank. According to a BBC report, the unnamed troll changed the name of their phone’s hotspot to ‘Samsung Galaxy Note7_1097″. Upon discovery, the crew of Virgin America flight 358 from San Francisco to Boston called upon passengers with a Note 7 to signal their presence.

The pilot of the late night flight then made an announcement stating that the flight would now have to make an emergency landing. According to the report, the miffed captain apparently said the following:

“This isn’t a joke. We’re going to turn on the lights (it’s 11pm) and search everyone’s bag until we find it.”

“This is the captain speaking. Apparently the plane is going to have to get diverted and searched if nobody fesses up soon.”

When the mischievous prankster finally owned up, it was revealed that they had only changed their phone’s SSID wireless tag and were not actually in possession of any Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

A subsequent announcement was then made to clarify matters and assure the passengers of the situation.

Still, the incident caused at least a flight schedule to be cancelled because of the delay. It is not known whether the prankster was charged for their trickery.


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