#Asia Video: 3 motivational movie speeches for entrepreneurs


From closing leads to rallying a team and chasing one’s dreams, here are three motivational speeches from movies spanning 1992 to 2006

Al Pacino. (Photo credit: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock.com)

Al Pacino. (Photo credit: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock.com)

A good speech has power to persuade, move, and inspire. Al Pacino, in his career as an actor, has made a reputation playing characters who display good oratory.

An entrepreneur makes speeches from time to time to motivate the team or to present a pitch to consumers or potential clients (think: Steve Jobs). Here are some movie speeches to learn or draw inspiration from:

1. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Sales and business development are functions that every business needs. This classic from Pulitzer Prize-winning and Oscar-nominated screenwriter David Mamet centres around four real estate salesmen who are expected to close sales from leads who either lack the money or the desire to actually invest.

With the promise of only the two top sellers getting the more promising Glengarry leads and the bottom two facing unemployment, this clip shows Alec Baldwin’s character delivering a frosty and affronting call to the salesmen to overcome the odds.

This is about the ABCs of business – Always Be Closing. And, the next time you reach for the coffee, remember: It’s for closers only. If you’re not one, take heart that you can at least wean off your reliance on caffeine.

2. Any Given Sunday (1999)

Life in the startup lane is not always smooth. If you’re the driver of the vehicle and you have company, it is useful to lift the spirits of your companions — or your team.

In this clip, Al Pacino plays Tony D’Amato, the coach of an American football team, the Miami Sharks. The coach delivers a stirring rallying cry to his team, which is struggling with injuries and internal dissension, in a bid to turn around its floundering season and make the playoffs.

Nobody wants to be in such a situation but dark times are aplenty in the startup world and this could be the sort of motivation you’ll need if you find yourself in the dumps.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Whether it is computers and email changing the way we work and communicate, music players with built-in hard disks allowing music to be downloaded onto it or bought off an online store, self-driving cars changing the way we commute or the many other technological advances that have been made and are yet to arrive, startup founders have proved to be visionaries who dream and who dare to face ridicule for their seemingly far-fetched dreams.

This clip from The Pursuit of Happyness emphasises the personal agency in achieving a dream. Will Smith’s character, Christopher Gardner, tells his son to even ignore him if he ever discourages a dream.

Gardner says, “You got a dream? You got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves – they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period.”

The startup path is one less travelled and which friends and family might not understand, so this clip serves a useful reminder that nothing can be achieved unless one takes actions that may be unpopular.

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