#Asia What are the best marketing tools for early-stage tech startups?


Just started? Let this be your guide to marketing for early-stage startups

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Of late, marketing technology (martech) has gained steep significance, but taking up these tech items can prove a bit intimidating for the business owners. Well, the intimidating element is rightly justified. Fresh technologies are complex and using a tool to learn them can be a time-consuming affair. Alas, this means that companies are missing all those products that can help in making life and business much easier.

But what if you are capable of making your own martech starter kit along with different solutions that could be used for departments such as marketing and tech? There are strong possibilities that you could give a boost to your revenue, optimise your time, effort and money. When rightly applied, you can reach a milestone.

Let us discuss some key software products that will help you in the right direction. Make sure that you are aware of the fact that two stacks can never be same. Your business model will play the major role in marketing technology stack.

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Tag Management

How does one define a ‘tag’ and why does it need to be managed? It is best defined as a plethora of code — most of the times JavaScript– that performs the main role in doing some of the key tasks on the site. It has been found that often the websites have so many chunks that require deploying, comprises of tags for analytics, advertising and affiliate marketing and much more. If you have a tag manager, deploying tags at all pages will be much easier without increasing the speed of the site performance and have the data from varied tags which are being used. It is actually the base of any marketing technology stack.

Tracking and Analytics

It is imperative that you keep a check on your performance, technology, ads and every related thing. Google Analytics is the most preferred tool at the moment, this is the reason that 70 per cent of the small businesses prefer to use it. You can go through the Adobe Analytics if you are a company or you are planning to become.

Marketing Automation

It can be termed as a suite which comprises of online forms, email marketing, analytics and tracking. With the help of marketing automation, your targetted customers get easy access to custom content, enabling sales & marketing and much more.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

In simple words, CRM can be defined as a method in which the current and future customers of the company can be easily managed. It commonly uses technology to automate, gives technical support, synchronise and organise sales & marketing and customer service. The most common and famous CRM is salesforce. You can choose from a wide variety and make sure that you stick to your choice.

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Data Management Platform (DMP)

The term DMP (data management platform) basically signifies data warehouse. It is a software that grabs, stores and soft information and reveals in a way that proves beneficial for the businesses, marketers, publishers and advertisers.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The function of CDN is via offering alternate server nodes for the users so that they can download resources. Such nodes can be found throughout the world as they are spread in such a way, this helps in offering quicker response and cutting down the download time of the content. CDN offers a great solution for all those websites which are on a lookout for quick improvements, though not every site requires it.

Conversion Optimisation

Ideally, you are converting the first buyer into a long-term buyer. When you are making someone visit your website, you are in your initial stages of the battle. If the speed of the site is slow, the layout is boring and there are long forms then you will surely lose your customer. With the help of conversion optimisation, you can actually increase the number of visitors who will fill out the online forms.

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Email Marketing

The power of email marketing is not realised by most people and they are not using it the way it should be used. This is not spam, but these are actual mails to all those probable customers who showed interest in your offerings. But make sure that send only those things which are beneficial for the customers.

Mobile Optimisation

Today, dependency on smartphones have really increased. So, it is imperative that your site should have easy navigation while being viewed on the mobile phones. Make sure you have chosen an experienced designer for designing the mobile site and ensuring that the design is responsive enough.

Advertising Networks

You can easily find a wide variety of advertising tracking codes that can be used on the site, as there are a plethora of ways in which advertising can be done. If you are a small or medium-sized business, you might be using Google Retargeting or Google Adwords. You might be using FB (Facebook) for ads, but in any case, you are not using it then make sure you do.

If your tech startup is in the initial stages, aforementioned tips will surely come in handy to take your business to another level. These will also prove to be of great value for the customers, all your followers and other industry professionals.

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