#Asia What do you want to do before you die? Find out with this Korean platform


South Korea’s Hue-Dream offers a platform where people can write down ideas about their dreams, share specific know-how in achieving them and set goals

Cloud-based social services developer Quantum Wave announced the launch of its crowd bucket list service Hue-Dream a few days ago. Based in South Korea, Hue-Dream provides a platform where people can write down ideas about their dreams and set goals to manage them.

Users can also easily share their knowledge and access other people’s strategies, who have achieved similar goals.

Up until now, bucket lists were only available offline on personal diaries, or through other online platforms via blogs and SNS. Due to the lack of a specific platform, tracking the progress has not been too convenient.

“Hue-Dream will help those who could not stick to their goals for a long time. In addition, other bucket list ideas and success stories available on the website will further incentivise people to design their dreams,” said Yoon-Jung Cho, Hue-Dream’s Director of Strategy.

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How does it help

Having a bucket list can help students realise their dreams, and give hope to the younger generation with dismal connotations such as ‘youth unemployment’ and “N-po generation” (a South Korean term that refers to a generation that gives up on a number of (N) things).

To the older generation, having a bucket list will help invigorate those weary of uncertain futures and navigate them through the ways of “well-being and well-dying”, as suggested by the movie The Bucket List, where two old men embark on a new journey to finding new hopes in their lives.

Hue-Dream’s platform aims to provide incentives as well as a space to escape from mundane routines, allowing people of all ages to gather in one place.

Currently, it is in the process of developing mobile apps that will help users in realising their dreams, whether directly or indirectly.

Hue-Dream is a subsidiary service of Hue-Memo, a total life care service platform. Hue-Memo’s other products are Hue Thoughts for inspirational quotes and Hue-LNT (LeaveNoTrace), an online reputation service.

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