#Asia What’s driving the upper echelons of IoT? The virtual SIM!


Kelvin See shares how TOP100 Singapore Judges’ Choice winner Simgo is making big waves in the IoT and mobile industry by monkeying around with consumers.


It’s the year of the Monkey, and the year that Internet of Things (IoT) is ‘monkeying’ the dynamics of the mobile industry bringing millions of new connections online via thousands of amazing new products that even 10 years ago were pure science fiction.

At the heart of all of them is the ability to connect; as someone coming from 15 years in telecommunication, I’m beyond excited to be working with Simgo to accelerate IoT.

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I first met Simgo at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. One of the perks of working for a big corporate in business development, sales or marketing (I’ve done all three), is browsing at global expos. As I was leaving the hall, I passed a small booth of Israeli engineers showing a device that could “eliminate roaming charges”. I love technology, I travel and I’m from telecommunications, so I know the pain of roaming and their booth was a magnet.

Digging deeper, I discovered that what they really invented was a virtual SIM platform that lets devices choose their mobile operate ad hoc and on-demand based on parameters like cost, location and quality of service; their device was a working product to showcase the platform and embeddable SDK. I went from being curious to being serious, to joining the company in the space of 3 months. As COO, I now lead global sales and operations for this unbelievably culturally and geographically diverse start-up.

Now I also attend the amazing events that shape the start-up calendar. Events like Echelon TOP100 are calendar highlights: there’s the browsing, but there’s also the unbelievably collegiate nature of the start-up universe, it’s an ad-hoc university for entrepreneurship. We get to validate our value proposition, meet investors and stay at the bleeding edge. Sharing with peers what works, what fails, how we’ve navigated the same and different issues leap-frogs our know-how – it’s experience by proxy and we all walk away collective years wiser in just 3 days.

We had an exciting 2015, winning first place in CTIA Super Mobility Awards for mobile enterprise innovation, partnering with Intel on vSIM development among other amazing projects. And that prototype? It was pretty robust being used by thousands around the world at the time. So it quickly became a product and today global travellers can get great voice and data service that is always local, no tedious swapping of SIM cards. And, that’s right, no roaming charges.

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2016 is trending similarly: we just announced our second product which will debut in Asia in July – the world’s first and only 4G LTE vSIM global data hotspot (compact, lightweight, robust with coverage in over 150 countries), we’ve been accepted in EY’s accelerating entrepreneurs program, RISE HK’s START program and others.

We’ve productised our cloud-based virtual SIM platform for cellular devices and our Connectivity Management solution, which for the first time ever allows users to switch between operator networks on-demand to find the connection that best meets their needs like location, time, quality of service and cost.

And we’ve been told that by shifting the power from the mobile operator into the hands of users, service providers and IoT, Simgo will disrupt the mobile industry. We thought that was pretty exciting. Upper echelon really.

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Kelvin See, is the Chief Operating Officer of Simgo based in Singapore, laughing, crying, teaching, learning and sharing with his teams based in Singapore, Israel, Spain and the US. In person and via WhatsApp, iMessage, Facetime and Skype, on Simgo powered mobile devices that are always connected wherever they are on the best possible connection for the purpose (so he can’t even fake a dropped call)…


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