#Asia Why hyper-localisation is key to optimising voice-based SEO


The future of interactive is less reliant on typing and more on voice commands

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key factor for any organisation seeking to make a prosperous business opportunity in this dynamic world of Internet. The invention and growth of Internet has helped many young entrepreneurs with new startup ideas to explore their ideas further and set up new businesses.

With the ever-evolving technology, voice recognition has been taking the cake, with many giants like Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, developing voice-based search tools with more accuracy.

For consumers, voice-based search tools like Google Now, Siri to name a few, have become more and more important in their routine lives. Even Television sets, DVD, Blu-ray disc players, game consoles have started implementing voice command options to attract more and more consumers into buying their products.

So for any local organisation to survive, they have to integrate voice related search engine optimisation as effectively as possible.

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Though voice commands are still at an infant stage as many errors are being reported; as we speak, many bright minds are working towards improving the voice recognition techniques by registering as many variations in the frequencies as possible with overwhelming accuracy and since, the global leaders are continuously working at the improvements in the technology as well as consumers growing fascination with it, local organisations should be looking at seizing the opportunity and allocating many more assets to be more in sync with the growing technology.

Key factors that organizations should look out for

Firstly, the organizations should concentrate on developing the copy important for a search engine tool to give faster and better results, in more conversational manner rather than the recent practice trying to be more machine friendly.

The new copy material should be user-friendlier, for example, how a kid from their locality would be pronouncing a word, or phrase a question more in sync with the target audience day-to-day speech practices rather than being too mechanical.

Secondly, absurd requests like, “My friend’s new cool leather jacket selling place” or “ Pizza selling place with more olives and new sausages”, should also be taken into consideration and search optimisation should be in accordance with them. Consumers could be anyone these days ranging from a kid to a really old person — understanding their way of conversing is crucial to give out quick and accurate results.

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Thirdly, being more up-to-date with the technological advancements in the related area. It is always important to understand the restrictions that the new technology poses and overcome them with smart enhancements to the existing interfaces. A

Always staying one step ahead of the competitors and being more in sync with the new market leaders in the technology and their limitations and advancements will help in conquering and holding the market in these harsh times of brilliant startups coming into existence each and every minute. 

Is it really that important?

A good business organization always understands that the technology is ever-growing and it is up to the organizations to use to their advantage before someone else take the cake. voice-based SEO is the future and with artificial intelligence improving leaps and bounds with each passing day, it is very important to go hand-in-hand with the latest developments or risk losing out.

Well, today the majority of the consumers are happy to share their feedback and the organisations should be looking at using this to their advantage. Always be in touch with their growing needs and answering their requests. Also, several researches should be conducted in order to understand the pulse of the new consumers and their ways of conversation.

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It is very important to understand the challenges that a voice based search can throw and the organisation should thoroughly test the results for accuracy before launching their services in that direction. Future surely, belongs to this new technological advancement but newer consumer base being young and spoiled for options, will not be willing to continue with a faulty service.

Voice-based SEO does poses lot of challenges at this moment, but it provides with more and more opportunities for the local organizations to capitalise on the dynamic demands of the consumers and also improve their business opportunities.

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