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Swanky offices, collaborative teams, and fun work environments usually describe a startup. But before startups can even reach this point, they require support from a community of experts and enthusiasts in order to continuously innovate and keep up with changing times.

Being part of this dynamic community allows for an opportunity to immerse in the changing business language of the 21st century, connect with a network of passionate individuals, and be a driving force for change.

Whether you’re an aspiring startup founder, an investor, a corporate, an app developer, or even a student, there’s much to learn about joining a startup community. Here’s what you can get from investing your valuable time in one of the most vibrant business communities out there.

Pick the brains of other technology lovers

Excitement consumes us when we come up with revolutionary ideas that seek to change ways of doing things. What more if you can share the same excitement with a group of equally passionate individuals? After all, an idea burns brighter when it is constantly refined and revisited to make it actionable in the real world.

Startup communities allow interactions among founders and interest groups that include investors and corporations. If you’ve always wanted to challenge how you build your ideas, join the startup community! Who knows you might be the next big founder, joining the likes of Grab’s Anthony Tan or even Lazada’s Samwar brothers.

Invest in the right business that speaks to your passion

Investing in a startup means prioritising the future of businesses. But how do you evaluate what type of business is worth the investment?

That’s where startup communities come in. They help showcase a diverse portfolio of businesses from industries such as finance, medicine, transportation, and even e-commerce. They also connect investors to startup founders, kickstarting meaningful conversations that can eventually lead to the birth of innovative companies.

Elevate your business through strategic partnerships

Corporates also have a lot to gain from tying up with startups. According to a study, partnerships among startups and corporations are becoming more common for effective transfer of knowledge and skills. But how can you evaluate if the startup is the right fit for your company?

Startup communities connect new businesses to corporations and facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships. Community gatherings open up networking opportunities that help build chemistry among stakeholders to potentially cement a partnership or at least learn about the unique perspectives of startups and corporations alike.

Apply your skills to develop the app of the future

Startups thrive on collaborations with developers who help them materialise their visions. If you know how to speak the language of app development, there’s definitely a place in startup communities for you. Connect with founders and help them change lives through technology. You might just be able to create the app of the next generation.

Learn beyond the four walls of the classroom

Startup communities shape students who are quick to absorb an entrepreneurial mindset. Opportunities within these communities allow students to learn about key industry insights and thinking processes behind emerging and established new businesses. They also gain inspiration from interacting with the innovative and tech-savvy individuals they aim to be.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are skills best learned through immersion. From the dynamics of an effective presentation to even best practices in networking, students can level up in a community fueled by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for innovation.

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Be part of Tech in Asia’s community

If you’d like to join an all-embracing community that encourages knowledge and connection sharing among folks who have an active interest in the tech ecosystem, head on over to Tech in Asia’s Community Faceboook Group and request entry! They run weekly topical discussions, share good reads, and network with each other real-time.

A bigger platform to kickstart your membership in the startup community would be at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 this May 17 and 18. With numerous networking opportunities across 5,000 attending tech fans and insightful talks, the event is shaping up to be your ticket to the world of Asia’s fast-rising tech scene.

From now till March 10, take advantage of a 20 percent discount (code: tiasg20) to save yourself a spot at one of the largest gatherings of Asia’s startup ecosystem.

No time is better than right now.

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