“Crypto Click Affiliate” – Brand New and Upcoming ASP Specialized in Cryptocurrency! We Provide Only Exceptional ICOs That Passed Our Strict Guidelines and Help Facilitate Fundraising for Technological Developments with Potential!

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Crypto Click Limited has now started general affiliate registration for
our ICO/cryptocurrency ASP “Crypto Click Affiliate” from 10th of
November 2017.

“Crypto Click Affiliate” – ICO/cryptocurrency related ASP
Website: https://crypto-click.com/asia-member

– Concept of Crypto Click Affiliate

Our offered products are limited to cryptocurrency related products and
affiliate commission will be paid out in Bitcoin.

ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are attracting massive attention in the
cryptocurrency industry at the moment.

ICOs are a way for start-up companies to raise money by selling
investors tokens in exchange for equity, similar to an IPO.

ICO are booming with massive growth in the overall cryptocurrency
industry. To illustrate this, there was an ICO that raised 35mil USD
within 30sec, which was a big news in the industry.
“Crypto Click Affiliate” – the ICO and Cryptocurrency ASP – is the most
attractive ASP, which provides our affiliates to earn massive commission
with ICO products.

– Why ICO?

The ICO structure is very similar to an IPO.
If the tokens issued
in the ICO was 1 USD as the starting price (for corporate fundraising),
its price could go up to 2 USD, 3 USD and more when listed (=capital
gain for investors).
This is the same effect as people investing in
attractive unlisted stocks, more funds come into more attractive ICOs.

– Our mission is to serve our trusted affiliate partners with only
exceptional ICOs. We believe this enables the advancement of technology,
growth, and economic progress through our specialized affiliation

The growing popularity of ICOs in the global blockchain industry is due
to it being the newest way of corporate funding.
However, there are
a number of incorrect information in circulation about ICOs.

Free flow of ICO information is not consistent, therefore purchaser can
receive inaccurate and twisted information causing big misunderstanding
of the white paper and the project itself.
ICO hosts providing
accurate and detailed information for a deeper understanding of the
project is the key to a successful fundraising.

Crypto Click Affiliate is here to provide the much needed true
information to our affiliates.
We will provide scheduled marketing
material like ICO team interviews and IR information constantly.
exceptional ICOs that passed our strict guidelines are going to be our
partners for their fundraising.
We have already lined up a number
of credible ICO partners, mainly from Europe, through our extensive
global network.
Please note that 4 of those amazing ICO partners
are already in preparation and will soon be ready for their pre-sales.
there are more and more of incredible ICO partners coming our way!

– Why Crypto Click Affiliate?

1. Life time commission
You can receive your commission permanently
with Crypto Click Affiliate, unlike other affiliate systems.

In a general affiliate set up, affiliates earn their commission only
from their customer’s first product purchase.
In our affiliation
program, our affiliates will receive commission on their customer’s
every purchase without limitation.
The more the customers purchase,
the bigger the commission, permanently.

2. High average spending per customer
We have data that shows
average spending of a customer is around 2,630 USD.
Please remember
that ICO customers are investors and their investment amount is
increasing in speed with the hype of the ICO market.

3. 100% approval rate!
In general affiliation, ASP pays out
commission only after advertisers approve sales of affiliates.
are therefore unable to pay out commissions to affiliates without having
these approvals.
With this non-transparent system, advertisers have
the power and could falsely adjust sales of affiliates.

At Crypto Click Affiliate, we are the only ones to review, confirm and
approve affiliate sales and not the advertisers.
With our
innovative affiliation system, we can prevent the unfortunate losses of
affiliate’s efforts.

4. Speedy 1 day commission payout
Speedy 1 day commission payout is
now possible with these steps;

1. We send customer’s purchase amount to our payment solution system

2. We manage customer’s information within our system

3. We review, confirm and approve all the affiliate sales

4. We payout commission to our affiliates first

5. Finally we payout the rest to our ICO partners

Please note that on the first month of operation of our program, we will
run payouts in 2 week cycles.
By January 2018, we estimated to be
able to provide you payouts within 1 day!

5. Hybrid commission program with affiliate commission & bounty
Click Affiliate introduces the new “Bounty Program” apart from the
affiliate commissions.
Our affiliates can earn ICO tokens as a
“bounty” reward, in exchange for media exposure on SNS, blogs and
video-sharing sites.

We provide revenue share (affiliate commission) + media exposure
commission (bounty) as a new hybrid style of an ASP.
Please refer
to below for our base reward program (please note that commission
details will be adjusted for each ICO);

1. SNS Bounty
Twitter – Earn bounty by retweeting official ICO
tweets five times.
Facebook – Earn bounty by providing “likes” and
shares of official ICO posts.

2. Blog/Article post Bounty
Earn bounty by posting an article of
the ICO’s whitepaper and road map.

3. Movie upload Bounty
Earn bounty by uploading original movies
about ICO products.

Our affiliates can earn commission just by media exposure without actual
sales, which is great for affiliation beginners!
Use both of our
attractive hybrid commission programs to maximize your earnings!
and join us on our brand new cryptocurrency affiliate program now!

“Crypto Click Affiliate”
Website: https://crypto-click.com/asia-member

– Crypto Click (Website: https://crypto-click.hk/asia-official)

Crypto Click is the operating company of Crypto Click Affiliate, our
main business focus is to offer the best ICO/cryptocurrency affiliate
program and the best solutions for ICO marketing, such as our ICO
information curation service, blockchain installation support, and
altcoin listing support at our partner’s exchange market.

For more information, please refer to our company website above.


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