Delphia Launches as First Investment Adviser to Convert Personal Data Into Renewable Investment Capital

TORONTO, Dec. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Delphia launches as the first investment adviser to convert personal data into a renewable source of investable capital. This is the first service that will allow consumers to invest in the stock market using their personal data.

Consumers create more data today than ever before, and technology companies and corporations have earned billions in profits off the back of this data. Yet, none of that value has been returned to consumers. Delphia is making it possible for consumers to invest their data in the stock market for real financial gain.

Designed by a team of academics, data scientists, and engineers, Delphia uses machine learning to analyze the collective data shared by its members to make intelligent investment decisions. Beginning today, consumers can apply for early access to Delphia, which will begin converting personal data into investment capital once the waitlist reaches 100,000 signups.

Upon reaching that threshold, Delphia members will be able to connect their personal data sources (like social media accounts, location, shopping information), and answer simple, daily questions about their behavior, current events and macroeconomic trends. These collective data contributions will become the proprietary data source that drives Delphia’s investment advantage and through the redistribution of its management fees, Delphia will create a viable data dividend for all without ever selling data to advertisers.

“This is about collective action,” said Andrew Peek, co-founder and CEO of Delphia. “By coming together and pooling our data, we can create an investment advantage unlike anything the world has seen. That advantage will not only break open access to sophisticated investing for the general public, but will also make it possible for consumers to receive meaningful value from their personal data.”

Delphia’s model relies on a cutting-edge approach to data science that blends social science with machine learning to measure public opinion and thereby predict trends in the market. This approach builds on the work of Delphia co-founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Clifton van der Linden, who has used unconventional data and methods to successfully predict electoral and referendum outcomes around the world with greater accuracy than conventional polls. Delphia has taken the principles behind Dr. van der Linden’s approach to election forecasting and adapted them to forecasting markets.

“Delphia’s proprietary models are designed to capture real-time public opinion and behavioral data directly from consumers,” said van der Linden. “These data will give us an edge in understanding market dynamics and ultimately making better investment decisions.”

Delphia has raised $14M in funding to date, including investment from Real Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, Golden Ventures, Black Jays Investments, and Day One Ventures.

To sign up for the waitlist or learn more, please visit To predict the value of your ongoing data dividends, check out Delphia’s Data Dividend Calculator here.

About Delphia
Delphia is the world’s first investment adviser to convert personal data into a renewable source of investable capital. Designed by a team of data scientists and academics, Delphia analyzes the collective personal data shared by its members to make intelligent investment decisions. By converting personal data into capital, Delphia aims to change the way we think about our data, investing, and the future of our economy. Delphia is headquartered in Toronto, CA and backed Lerer Hippeau, Golden Ventures and Real Ventures. Visit Delphia at

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