Find Your VC

Find Your VC

Find Your VC – success-based service to help you find investors for your startup

We have a big network of investors (Venture Capital, Family Offices, Business Angels Network, etc…) so we propose you a success-based partnership to find investors for your startup. Our conditions are: 200€ + 2% of the amount raised. It’s success-based, meaning that if we don’t connect you with any interested investors, you don’t pay the 200€.


Fill the short form below, then sign the contract we send you by email and we can start looking for your new investors !


1/ Please fill this form (don’t forget to send us the PDF presentation of your startup) :

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2/ We will send you by email the contract to be signed. Sign it and send it back by email. As soon as we receive the signed contract we can start the process.

3/ We will present your opportunity to our investors. When we receive the first positive answer (it take usually one week), we will send you the invoice of the 200€ success-based fee. As soon as you pay this invoice, we will continue introducing you to the others interested investors.

4/ At the end of the process, we will do the followup to know what is the final amount that our investors invested in your startup. Once all investments are made and the round is closed, we will send you the invoice corresponding to the 2% success-based fee.


How many investors are in your network?

We have more than 3000 investors in our network. We have them highly segmented: we know in which sector they want to invest, in which country, their minimum ticket, the maturity they are interested in, etc… So we will present your opportunity only to investors that match your criteria and that are looking to invest in startups with your specificity !

From where are your investors?

Worldwide (but mainly Europe, US and Asia)

What type of investors are they?

The kind of investors you want 😉 Big tickets only 🙂 Mainly Venture Capital and Family Offices, but also some big Business Angels Networks.

What is an “Introduction”?

We will briefly present your startup to investors (subject, amount needed, maturity of the project, country, etc…) and if they are interested in knowing more, we will present them to you. This is an “introduction” and then you will have to defend your project and your fundraising. Of course, we can’t be sure that those investors will end-up investing in your project, but at least you know that you’ll only pay if you have at least one interesting contact (usually you get between 6 and 20 “introductions” depending on the project)

Payment of the 1% fee?

The 2% fee will be deduced from the amount you received from the investors we bring so you won’t have to pay it in advance. You will just need to pay the 200€ after the first introduction is made. The rest will be paid after the round is closed.

How long does it take?

The full process takes usually 3 weeks (between signing the contract, present your opportunity to investors, do the followups, etc…). You usually get the first introductions 1 week after we start the process. But some VC are very slow to answer so you can receive interested investors until 6 months after we start the process. But as soon as we receive an answer from an interested investors we put you in contact right away.

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Find Your VC – success-based service to help you find investors for your startup

Find Your VC – success-based service to help you find investors for your startup

Find Your VC – success-based service to help you find investors for your startup