Haier On Display at MCE 2018

No. 1 air conditioning brand in the IoT Era

QINGDAO, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CleaningAir–On March 13 at MCE 2018 in Italy, Haier, the world’s No.1 connected
air-conditioning (including smart air-conditioning) brand recognized by
Euromonitor International, brought the concept of “cleaning air” instead
of “making ACs” to the whole world in the IoT era by displaying the only
full set of smart air conditioning solutions. With a 30.5% market share
in 2017 based on annual sales, it is the second time that Haier has
ranked first in the category.

With its “Worker-user integration”, Haier utilizes IoT to provide a
simplified interaction with users. At MCE, Haier presented a
light-absorbing and air-purifying AC, an air-zoning AC, an easy
installation F-series self-cleaning AC, and other new products. Haier
also displayed the industry-first magnetic levitation central air
conditioning system, which reduces energy consumption by 50% and will be
launched in Europe, where 85% of the cities have not met EU quality
standards and are in critical need of improving indoor air quality.

Haier customized the F-series ACs for the European market. These units
are easy to install and self-cleanable. Using a modularized and
easy-to-install model, they save up to 50% of installation time and 80%
of service time. They are also able to give out clean air, eliminating
secondary indoor pollution.

In the IoT era, ACs are merely the carrier, and what customers really
need is clean air. In China, traditional AC tycoons have a strong
control in the hardware section. Haier has grasped the opportunities
brought by IoT to break up the monopolies, becoming the No.1 air
conditioning brand in the IoT Era.

Haier adheres to the philosophy of selling “air”, which earns them 10
No. 1 awards in many countries including the United States, China,
Russia, Italy, Thailand, Pakistan and India. Besides Russia, Haier is
also the top Chinese brand in Italy, and the No.1 Chinese brand in
Europe. In the US, Haier + GE Appliances rank No. 1 in the market.

Haier ACs have built an air ecosystem in the IoT era that is triggering
a frenzy of discussion across the industry. Haier is also promoting the
upgrade of Chinese business models.


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