iMDsoft to Showcase Advances in Anaesthesia Information Management at ASA NSC 2016

BRISBANE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MetaVision–iMDsoft, a leader in anaesthesia information management systems, will be
presenting MetaVision
at ASA NSC 2016 in Melbourne, 17-20 September.
MetaVision Anaesthesia is an advanced Anaesthesia Information Management
System that supports the entire continuum of anaesthesia care, helping
to increase patient safety and improve efficiency.

iMDsoft will be demonstrating how MetaVision Anaesthesia supports every
stage of the perioperative process. Visitors will see how the system
streamlines and digitises the pre-op process, ensuring that data is
captured correctly and that scheduled surgeries proceed as planned.
During the intra-op stage, MetaVision automatically captures system and
device data every minute, and creates a comprehensive case summary
populated with actionable information. The system sends smart
notifications when specific changes in a patient’s condition are
detected, enabling timely clinical responses. The company will show how
easy it is to record medications and events, plan transfers to the Post
Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and track patients during recovery. Upon
discharge from the PACU, MetaVision supports Acute Pain Services
initiatives by tracking referrals and enabling APS assessments on the go
using mobile devices.

With MetaVision Anaesthesia, anaesthetists benefit from all the
advantages of an automated solution: automatic data capture,
pre-populated charts, complete and accurate anaesthesia records,
advanced clinical decision support and a rich data repository for
clinical studies and management reports.

MetaVision Anaesthesia clients report high impact clinical and
operational results, including:

  • 100% increase in timely delivery of PONV drugs
  • 30% reduction of perioperative hypothermia
  • 99.6% complete anaesthesia records

“It is exciting to see how MetaVision Anaesthesia can make a significant
difference in patient care,” said Dr. Zvi Bar, Director of Clinical
Services, iMDsoft. “We look forward to showing conference visitors how
the system handles patient data input accurately and efficiently,
freeing the anaesthetist to concentrate on the patient.”

a meeting
with iMDsoft at ASA NSC 2016.

About iMDsoft

iMDsoft is a leading provider of advanced Anaesthesia Information
Management Systems. The systems build on over a decade of experience
worldwide and support the entire perioperative workflow from pre-op,
through intra-op and into recovery. MetaVision generates comprehensive
and accurate anaesthesia records, and offers advanced decision support
and medication management. Hospitals worldwide use MetaVision to improve
care quality and enhance financial results. To learn more about iMDsoft,


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