League of Angels II At Gamescom and Celebrity Guild War

SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Bigpoint–GTArcade and Youzu Interactive are excited to announce that League of
Angels II (LoA2) will be appearing at Gamescom, Europe’s largest gaming
convention, starting August 17th. This is also the debut of
Bigpoint and Youzu jointly promoting the game at a public event. As
GTArcade’s premier title of 2016, League of Angels II is a free to play
MMORPG that combines stunning visuals, innovative gameplay, and great
storytelling to create an epic gaming experience right on your browser.
With 8 million registered users playing from over 45 countries already,
LoA2 is taking the League of Angels franchise to the next generation.

Youzu and Bigpoint will be unveiling LoA2’s complete cinematic trailer
for the first time during this year’s Gamescom at their booth (B2C
10.1), for now, you can check out the LoA2’s complete cinematic trailer


Fans attending Gamescom should definitely visit Youzu and Bigpoint’s
booth for exciting live events (with special guests) and tons of free

At the same time, LoA2 has gained the attention of online celebrities
from around the world. 8 popular online personalities and streamers from
4 continents will be doing live broadcasts of League of Angels II on
Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and other platforms during Gamescom.

Why is LoA2 the game of choice for these streamers? Naomi Liu from
Singapore says, “Once I start playing League of Angels II, I just can’t
stop! The game has a user friendly interface with lots of features that
make gameplay simple yet rewarding. League of Angels II is the amazing
art style. The Angels look so cool when they use their Ultimate attacks!”

“What appealed to me most are the numerous cross-server game modes in
LoA2. Letting players challenge rivals from any server and being the
best in the world really provides a great sense of achievement”,
MushlsGosu, a famous player in the U.S. claims. ”I really like all the
special events in League of Angels II. From Panda Day, to the Euro Cup,
and now the Rio Summer Games, these events always keep the game new and
refreshing, ” said Voyboy, another famous gamer in the US.

Celebrity Guild War

Online celebrities from around the world have gathered in LoA2 to bring
you live streams! You can do more than just watch! Each streamer has
created their own in-game Guild on servers S520, S521, and S522, and
will battle it out in X-Server Expedition mode starting August 17th!
Whose guild will claim the ultimate glory? The outcome is up to you!
Play LoA2 now and join the Celebrity guild of your choice and fight for
fame and honor! Plus, the player with the highest Contribution in the
top ranked guild will receive a custom, one-of-a-kind LoA2 iPhone 6S!
Join Celebrity Guild War at http://vda.gtarcade.com/?q=160722isRhnWm


Youzu Interactive
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