Peerity – democratizing the Social Web with Self Directed Communities, Commerce and Connection

Peerity - democratizing the Social Web with Self Directed Communities, Commerce and Connection

Peerity – democratizing the Social Web with Self Directed Communities, Commerce and Connection

Peerity is a startup proposing a distributed, democratic network designed to give you back control over your shared content and data while building social connections online and offline. Peerity is based on blockchain and on simple principles: connecting people without exploiting, rewarding your creativity without taking away your copyrights, and excludes intermediaries from your social life so you can share, create and contribute without feeling like a product for the big internet industries.

Indeed, for social media giants, you are the product. With this new solution, your data is your own. You decide what you want to do with them (sell them or not). Moreover, whatever original content you create on the platform, it belongs to you. And by creating and contributing to the platform, you get rewarded with PEER tokens. You can use those to vote, buy products or tip other users on the platform. This PEER token reward system will promote original, fresh content that adds value.

Peerity will come with a variety of tools and distributed web services. Every user will have an opportunity to provide and getting paid for it with PEER tokens. Indeed, this network will offer a large marketplace for all kinds of services, products, and businesses, from e-commerce to art expositions and live events. With easy access to smart contracts and intuitive payments via messenger and token tipping system, people will have an incentive to provide web services, share products, tip the quality content or fund events and initiatives.

Technologically, this startup uses the lastest innovations in blockchain and cryptomney. Proof of Stake (PoS) Distributed Consensus powered by Cosmos multi-chain linkage is the next-gen blockchain technology which enables ultra-fast connections, sustainable energy usage and unlimited scalability.  TheStartup’s Team is composed by Jan Schets (CEO & Co-founder), Brenn Hill (CTO & Co-Founder), Tuan Pham Anh (Blockchain Dev & Co-Founder) as well as Neil Sisson and Tatijana Ivusa for the Marketing. With a potent and world renowned Advisory Board, this team will surely lead perfectly this project and reach incredible milestones.

At Startup 365, we believe in decentralized, distributed and democratic internet of users in order to reshape the future of technology, economy, and communication. And Peerity provides an interesting solution in this sense: a global network for anyone interested in connecting, creating and contributing both online and offline.

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