Topcon Announces US Launch of the Harmony Glaucoma Module

Topcon Announces US Launch of the Harmony Glaucoma Module

Topcon Announces US Launch of the Harmony Glaucoma Module

Company Introduces New Glaucoma Feature for its Clinical Data Management Solution

OAKLAND, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Glaucoma–Topcon Healthcare, a leading provider of medical devices and software solutions for the global eye care community, announced today that it has launched its new Glaucoma Module feature for the Harmony Clinical Data Management Solution.

The new Glaucoma Module provides eye care professionals easy access to the information needed to diagnose and manage glaucoma on a single screen. The Hood Dashboard enables interactive assessment of structural and functional test data as well as meaningful analysis of change over time. Physicians can view OCT and visual field information side-by-side and scroll through OCT B-scans to assess for associated retinal disorders. The Trend Screen displays multiple exams for assessment of disease progression and treatment efficacy. This may be used to educate the patient on the effect of treatment and the importance of compliance.

The Glaucoma Module adds to the already robust Harmony data management platform, which seamlessly connects hundreds of ophthalmic devices across multiple practice locations to enable analysis of relevant clinical data in a single, secure platform. Harmony streamlines office workflow, allows for detailed analysis of clinical data, and integrates seamlessly with EMR software.

“The Harmony Glaucoma Module integrates structural and functional test data to simplify glaucoma diagnosis and enable meaningful analysis over time,” stated Christina Kirby, Director of Product Marketing for Topcon Healthcare, “It allows practitioners to see a complete picture of a patient’s health on a single screen and supports clinical decision making. We are very pleased to add this powerful module to our Harmony Clinical Data Management Solution.”

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Christina Kirby

Director, Product Marketing Americas Topcon Healthcare