#UK A home for london’s entrepreneurs


A home for london’s entrepreneurs

London’s startup ecosystem is famous all over Europe for its community feeling. Events for entrepreneurs, developers and creative types are taking places every night in every part of the city. New co-working spaces are opening every week to foster and feed the community with new events and new space of aggregation.

From January London can now count on StartupHome, a new co-living space funded by Stefano Tresca, funding member of Level 39, and Nicolas Steiner, founder of The Fintech Circle, London’s leading club of Angel Investors in Fintech. Their experience as Startup mentors and community creators is supported by Damien O’Toole, a property expert that will help StartupHome in its expansion.

“Startup Communities around the world benefits already of co-living spaces and London was clearly missing out” tells Stefano Tresca.

StartupBasecamp and StartupEmbassy in Silicon Valley are an example of successful co-living for entrepreneurs where young creative, can meet, work and share facilities with like-minded individuals. Also WeWork, the co-working space giant has recently started to test its co-living space, WeLive, in New York at the beginning of the year.

Millennials and younger generation are embracing a complete new culture of working and living, completely detached from the old 9 to 5 working culture. This includes sharing working facilities and now also living facilities.

“Rent in London has gone completely crazy both for offices and for homes. Very few people can afford to live alone and not sharing with other people, so in theory is much better to share with like minded individuals. In this way entrepreneurs can learn from each other and grow their skills as well as having a better social life.” Says Nicolas Steiner.

“In London is very easy to feel alone and that’s why if you’re sharing your living space you might want to share with like minded individuals” continues mr Tresca.

StartupHome currently have two locations, one in WhiteChapel, with walking distance from Old Street, and a second one in GGreenWichdedicated to Fintech.

“We wanted to stay as close as possible to Canary Wharf and Level39, the leading innovation hub on Fintech” says Nicolas Steiner.

StartupHome will soon become a showcase of smart home devices and has already kicked off with events dedicated to its community of entrepreneurs. As an example, this Friday, StartupHome will be hosting a dinner event for its tenants, with Kutlu Kazanci director of the SUCOOL Pre-Incubation Center in Turkey.

StartupHome is now looking to expand in the UK as well as in London with plans to get a larger building to turn into Europe’s largest community for entrepreneurs.

To apply get in touch with the team through their website: startuphome.io

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