#UK Cloud computing predictions for this New Year


Cloud computing predictions for this New Year

Cloud computing has a myriad of benefits, but also remains in its relative infancy – and that’s exciting for many businesses. In fact, even many businesses that don’t currently use the cloud could stand to benefit as the sophistication and practicality of cloud technology continues its seemingly relentless march. Here are our predictions for 2016…


Expanding number and diversity of cloud apps

Many productivity apps are already available as cloud apps. These include even many renowned and widely-used apps, like those of the Microsoft Office suite. We at RedPixie can help to get your business up and running with Microsoft Office 365 – and so enjoying a complete, no-compromise experience with the likes of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

However, as 2016 progresses, the cloud is likely to also increasingly become home to many apps previously thought too advanced to have much practical use on the platform. In fact, 2016 could be the year that almost any app you could think of becomes a strong candidate for inclusion in the cloud.


Further advancements in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, a smart framework that both Apple and Google have been working to develop, could increase in both its use and scope – and that’s thanks to the technology ultimately underpinning it, the cloud. As technology journalist Joe McKendrick, writing for Forbes, has pointed out, “without cloud, there would be no IoT, just a bunch of Things.”


Less obstacles for businesses seeking to enter the cloud

Many enterprise organisations have doubtless been eager to shift services to the cloud, but barred from doing so by demanding compliance requirements or regulations. However, we can expect to see this situation changing in 2016. Governments are becoming more open to the unique benefits of cloud computing, which naturally means that we can also expect them to lower particular hurdles to corporate use of cloud computing.


Security concerns will continue to be at the forefront

Many businesses have understandably entered the cloud with a large degree of caution, having long decided to spare sensitive data from the cloud due to what they might have considered the uncertain security implications of using it.


However, as many enterprises grow to notice more of the security benefits of cloud computing, they are likely to transition further amounts of mission-critical data to the platform. Our cloud experts can also help to put many security concerns at rest.


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