#UK Why Domain Names Are The Cornerstone Of Brand Building


Why Domain Names Are The Cornerstone Of Brand Building

With a professional website, carefully considered logo and first-class social media presence in the bag, your online branding couldn’t possibly be any stronger. Or could it? Despite being crucial to carving out a solid web presence, there is still a tendency for domain names to be overlooked. Far from being exclusive to industry giants, the right domain is an invaluable asset to any online enterprise – regardless of size or scope – and should form the basis of every branding strategy. If you haven’t already found the right domain name for your business, it’s time to do so – and here’s why…

What a domain name can do for your brand

In an increasingly competitive market where consumer trust is key, there is one thing that all small businesses can benefit from: credibility. The right domain name adds just that, demonstrating professionalism and inspiring confidence. A registered domain – or lack thereof – will affect how your website’s URL appears, and if you’ve not made that small investment, it will show. By purchasing a domain, you ensure a straightforward web address in a format that consumers are instantly familiar with, helping to establish a polished, trustworthy image.

Owning a domain is also key to forging a brand that will last. If you switch web hosts or servers in the future but do not own your domain name, you will effectively have to leave your current URL behind – along with all the hard work that went into building your brand around it. Purchasing your own domain is a sure-fire way to futureproof your brand, ensuring that it remains consistent regardless of what other changes may be made along the way.

Above all else, domain names present a crucial advertising opportunity that is not to be missed. Registering a domain enables you to choose a web address that reflects the company name and reinforces your message, showing would-be customers exactly who you are and what they can expect to find by visiting your site. What’s more, by opting for an industry-related top-level domain as opposed to the standard .com, you can further emphasize your position within a certain niche or field if necessary.

Choosing a domain is just as important as finding the right company name, and the two should go hand in hand. With an abundance of web hosting companies like 1&1 making it easy and affordable to buy a domain name, the extremely low investment costs are far outweighed by long-term branding benefits. To help get you started, here are some useful tips on how to find the right domain for your business.

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