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A network of New Zealand angel investors has helped launch iPug, a
digital health company that is transforming the way research and public
health campaigns are delivered, into the US market at the BIO
International Convention in San Francisco.

The investors, led by Hamilton-based property developer and investor,
Zane Beckett, have provided seed capital and Series A funding, playing a
significant role in the early-stage development of the company.

According to Beckett, iPug was a natural choice. “Digital health is hot
at the moment,” he said. “iPug has a clear path to market, amazing
partners and customers, and impressive technology.”

iPug, an Australian company now based in San Francisco, uses its
gamified, reward-based communications platform to deliver individualised
public health campaigns, and recruit and engage participants in research
studies and clinical trials. The mobile-friendly technology delivers the
right message, at the right time, on the right device with the right
reward incentive. This type of engagement has proven to save time, money
and has a higher success rate in influencing behavior as it relates to
public health.

Speaking on the emergence of digital health technology in the US and the
opportunity for iPug, Steve Huff, CEO and Co-Founder of iPug, said it
was an exciting time to be in digital health.

“Digital health funding is up, with over $900m in investment in Q1 of
this year. This represents a 50% year-on-year growth from the same time
last year. We have been pleased with our funding support from New
Zealand investors.”

After successfully launching in Australia and most notably developing
the injury prevention app Cool Runnings for the Center for Children’s
Burns and Trauma Research, University of Queensland, iPug sees
tremendous opportunity in the US to reduce public health costs,
effectively scale and deliver measurable results for public health

For media inquiries, please contact: press@ipug.co

About iPug:

iPug is the world’s first mobile-friendly platform that transforms the
way research is conducted and how public health campaigns are delivered
through gamification.


for iPug
Priya Ghandikota