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Please use the “Filter” button to choose your criteria (sector, geography, ticket size, etc.). This is the DEMO version of our investors database. If you’re interested in accessing this Database with the real data, please check our offers below.

Several options are available : 

  • 1 month access to our Investors Database
  • 1 year access to our Investors Database
  • Free DEMO version for you to validate the adequation of the content of our Database with your needs

Our Database contains :

Whatever your sector or the development stage of your company, you’ll need to find investors to bring your business to the next level. Here we propose an Investors Database presenting all kind of investors (Venture Capital, Family Office, Business Angels, etc.) for all sectors (healthcare, blockchain, digital, fintech, foodtech, AI/ML, sportstech, agritech, cleantech, insurtech, etc.).

FAQs – Here are the main questions we received from our customers:

If I subscribe to Startup 365, will I receive a list of investors matching my criteria? By subscribing, you’ll get access to our Investors Database, where you can filter to find investors matching your criteria. This investors database includes contact informations to contact the investors (either email and/or phone and/or website contact form and/or Linkedin profile etc.).

If I subscribe to Startup 365, how many emails or phone numbers will I get access to? You can check the % of our investors with email or phone numbers etc. at the buttom of the DEMO database (% Filled) to know exactly with your criteria how many emails you can get, or how many phone number you’ll have access to, etc.

After subscribing to Startup 365, how long will it take to get access to my Investors database? You should receive your personal Access Link + Access Password by email within 24H – 48H. If you don’t receive it within 48H please send us an email at contact [ at ] .

What is my “personal Access Link”? Your personal Access Link is your personal webpage where your database will be located. You can access to this page using your personal Access Password. You’ll receive both of them by email after you completed your purchase on our website.

What is my “personal Access Password”? Your personal Access Password is your secret code to access your personal database. You’ll need to enter it to access into your personal database. Both your Access Link and your Access Password will be sent to you by email after you completed your purchase on our website.

How can I access to my personal Investors Database? We’ll send you by email your personal Access Link + Access Password. We’ll use the email you provided during your purchase process.

How frequently are updated the databases? To ensure accuracy, our databases are updated every month. And new content is added every week.

After subscribing to Startup 365, can I download this Investors Database on my computer (or copy/paste it)? No, you can’t download or copy/paste this Investors Database. You’ll always need to access it online through our website.

What are the payment methods accepted on Startup 365? We accept payments only by Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Is your website safe for online payment? We use the most trusted service providers for online payments, used by thousands of websites worldwide. They are at the forefront of cybersecurity, so YES, your payment is safe on Startup 365.

Do you store our personal data? What do you do with our data? We only store your company name and email to be able to send you your Access Link and Access Pasword. We won’t store any other of your personal data on our database. And we’ll never sell them to any other third parties.

What is the cancellation policy? We’re 100% transparent with the quality of our database. By using our Free DEMO version, you can verify before purchasing how many investors are in our database that will match exactly your criteria. Each cell filled in the DEMO version with “XXXXXXXXX” will be filled with relevant info in your Investors Database. So no surprise, you know exactly what you’re buying. Thus our cancellation policy is very strict: to cancel your purchase you need send us an email at contact [ at ] within 24H after your purchase on our website, and explain why you want to cancel (excluded acceptable reason being that the investors database doesn’t match your expectation).

Is my subscription renewed automatically every month (monthly subscription) / every year (yearly subscription) ? No, your subscription is only not automatically renewed and it will stop at the end of subscription period. You’ll then need to subscribe again if you want to access again the Investors Database.

How can I stop my subscription ? As it’s not automatically renewed, you just have to wait until the end of your subscription period.

Can I propose some content to be added to your database ? Yes, sure! Just send us the info by email at contact [at] and we’ll add it to your Investors Database.

And if I have a question that is not answered here or a suggestion? Please contact us at contact [ at ]

Do you need a specific database in Healthcare (investors, Biotech/Pharma companies, CRO/CDMO, etc.)?

The subjects we are passionate about: sportstech, agritech, blockchain, digital, fintech, healthcare, foodtech, AI/ML, cleantech, insurtech, traveltech, etc.